The Big Bang Theory and Christianity: Will Tant of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

How should we think about scientists who are looking for the cause of the universe, and more broadly – how should Christianity …


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  1. The big bang theory is bunk. The fact that the constellations have kept their patterns for thousands of years shows the stars are NOT in movement.
    You walk into a room to get a drink of water. As you approach the fountain you pass a billiard table and notice the balls are scattered on the playing surface. You get the drink. As you turn to leave you notice the balls are now in the 'racked' triangular pattern, in order, and facing forward. What do you think? Why did the balls move like that? No. Billiard balls are inert and without life, cognizance/consciousness, or motive ability (they cannot move). This is a fact. Point #1) Inert elements cannot move themselves. Fact. #2) If inert elements move, the requirement is that a force external to them must be exerting itself against them to cause them to move because they cannot move themselves. Fact. #3) If inert elements move in patterns, or patterns and systems that are predictable and repeating, the requirement is that the external force moving them must be 'aware' of the pattern, and how to move the inert elements into that pattern. It must possess a consciousness. There must be a consciousness in the external force that moves inert elements into patterns. A thinking power must be moving them. Fact. 4) The inert atoms are the building blocks of the physical universe that are not only moving in predictable patterns, but those movements remain within the narrow parameters of this one universal order, and that order is restored after a disruptive event. The earth orbits the sun in an elliptical orbit where at one point it is closer than at another. The popular explanation for this is it is caused by the sun's gravitational pull. But the gravitational pull of the sun pulls to the center of itself. It would pull the earth into itself. Same for the earth and the moon. The sun does have a gravitational pull, the earth is made of inert atoms that cannot resist that pull, so there must be an external force guiding the earth around the sun that is stronger than the sun's pull on the earth. There is a consciousness in the external force that is manipulating the inert atoms into this one universal order of movement. A thinking power is controlling the atoms-GOD. Hebrews 11:3 KJV "Through faith we understand the world's were made by the Word of God so that things that are seen are not made of things that do appear." The table we see is made of something that does not appear so it is rather invisible, or too small to see. If invisible the table would be invisible. We know it is made of atoms that are too small to see. Genesis 2:7 " And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (atoms), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life (spirit) and man became a living soul." This is how we can think and move within an inert atom-made body, and manipulate inert atoms into patterns ourselves (make things). The spirit moves the body as the hand moves the glove. Regards, Russell Lee

  2. Read the book, improbable planet written by Dr. Ross ine of the top astrophysicists and cosmologists he shows how with scientific discoverys the creation and Bible is true.

  3. There's order…. But no .. thousands of stones are hitting the earth everyday..!! Much of them are striking our moon, but worry not, our
    But scientist is firing them everyday, THAT'S WHY we are still safe… Even stones that are bigger than the earth …

  4. The top Christian apologists that I know of Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig, Frank Turek, J. Warner Wallace, Hugh Ross. et al, all believe in the big bang. The universe isn't eternal. The universe did have a beginning. The difference is the one who banged it was God,. It didn't bang on its own.

  5. I'll say this : Our earth is just a tiny speck of the vast expanse of the universe. Even smaller are its inhabitants. Man has got to be pretty arrogant to claim (on behalf of all the other galaxies and planets) that the Universe started with The Big Bang.


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