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  1. God please help us 😭 Dear brother and sister in Christ please pray for us for free me and partner about this thing is really hard to live in this modern days our flesh is really weak and we keep seeking the lord every single day me and my partner we been together for 5y and we really fight against the sex before marriage we don't want to do it but is turn out that we fail after we done it we feel really guilty regret and hurtfully deep down my heart my holy spirit is hurting so much that me and partner failed about it so please lord God of the universe please forgive us and cleaning us welcome us with your love fixing us to do what you want not what our flesh want lord please forgive us and don't left us I'm praying in your mighty name Jesus Christ Amen✝️🙏😭💖

  2. People don't want to talk about these things more real pastors like this not people who claim to be pastors and are just motivational speakers talking about nothing that convict the soul

  3. Amen May God YHWH Bless Everyone To Be Safe And Healthy And May God YHWH And Jesus Christ Get Rid Of Their Problems And Bad Health Such As Cancer And Leukaemia Amen In The Name Of The Father And The Son And The Holy Spirits Amen

  4. What a sermon!!! God, have mercy of this dead, sinful and ignorant young genoration😭 we have done everything wrong sometimes not because we don't know, but because of negligent behavior😭🙏😓😫

    According to your lovekindness Father, have mercy of all my sin, i mean, our sins.

  5. Thank you God ❤ for this message.. his strength is made perfect in are weaknesses.. thanks for the fire of the word 🔥 to stay focused as I wait on the lord for marriage. Tonight I'm excited at 51… to do it God's way…

  6. I made this mistake once .after that I felt guilty and ask for forgiveness. I promised to him I will never make this mistake again and I am still able to keep my words. However I still struggle with it sometimes so all the brothers and sisters please pray for me to win this battle.

  7. I was 17 sadly… but I did repent, but for a year I struggled, I still do, but I pray, and I repented the other night, I cried for almost an hour, ever since then the temptations have gotten so much worse

  8. Very true tis generation like Sadom and Gomorrah……….
    Worst humans only thinking Sex,break one person heart, heartless humans……..
    World will end up soon…….
    Need to realise before late 😎😎😎

  9. Not just the younger generation
    Porn sexting online sex and hookups are a tsunami wave of destruction sweeping through the church l

  10. All of you virgins for christ stay with it its the best i didnt and it took away many years from me in wasted time, building a sin mount everest. Stay away wait till marriage Jesus is King?

  11. Any Christian here waiting ….

    Don't marry because you want to have sex!!!!!
    Marry because you are ready and willing to be committed to someone. And you are willing to go on that long journey . A lot marriages are failing because most are not ready but they dive in because its a sin to fornicate…so why not marry and have sex. Don't don't!!! There's nothing special about having sex ……so keep waiting and don't rush into marriage . And also if you know you won't be ready for marriage in 2 years don't date!!!!! You can't keep someone's son or daughter waiting because you are ready. Let's be mindful of this and know peace .

  12. Wonderful that Everybody here share they lovely testimony and how holy spirit have saved them from lust
    But my Question is how do we get the Holy Spirit ?

    Act 2 :38 ???

  13. 1 Corinthians 11:30 That is why many among you are weak and sick, and a number of you have died.
    not because we take communion in an unworthy manner , but because he or she does not recognise the purpose of the body,1 Corinthians 6:13 (sexual immorality).
    in conclusion because we do not recognise the purpose of the body we will go into sexual immorality and because of sexual immorality we will become weak(mentally and physically),sickly and even more of us will die from sexual immorality.

    Beautiful preaching.

  14. Spirit of god Holy spirit will control whole body mind and soul. This is only true salvation and complete delivarance from God . Then became true Christian . Son of god only delivered from all sins otherwise immpossible.Almighty jesus christ great God .

  15. I had an argue with my unbeliever friend about dressing properly is protecting your body as a woman, but she keeps telling about women rights to wear whatever women wants and self confidence in showing skin is nothing wrong with her idea. It just saddens me that she never understand how we woman should dress properly, until now she's wearing and believing in this new gen era dress code of showing skin. I hope one day she will understand what I meant about proper dress code when the time of judgment. I hope that GOD will tell her about those things.

  16. Does anyone actually realise that Billy Graham was a freemason and denied God??? But christians still adore this guy… I really don't understand and he brings guilt to everyone…

  17. I'm 20 years and still a virgin. I once had a roommate and she spoke of sexual as if it were a culture I keep praying to God to help me resist the devil and abstain from pre marital sex and I can say to the Glory of God that he's never forsaken me. I've been able to abstain for 20 years and by his Grace is will till after marriage

  18. If you have lost your virginity do not regret and be emotionally unstable. God winks at the past and if you are a virgin hold yourself you are not missing a lot out there. You will still enjoy yourself whenever you marry. The Devil will always make you feel to be missing a whole lot out there but remember he is just a deceiver. But brethren if you feel you can not hold yourself for too long marry. Marriage is for youths and not old people. Nevertheless to avoid fornication let every man have his wife and every woman her husband 1Corinthians 7 verse 2. Marry and not burn I beg you youths

  19. Romans 8:1 NLT
    "So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus."

    So if Jesus Christ doesn't condemn you, why are you condemning yourself? Whatever might have happened before has happened, now going forward try your best to stay pure🤍

  20. Good Message. I am 58 years old and Still struggling with obeying GOD with my sexually. I choose poorly in marriage and I have not learned contentment since my wife left. Thank You Billy!

  21. Lost me at the this is why men attack women. Making men out to be horrible, and also blame women for men's actions. Both men and women need to dress accordingly and modest. The respect is gone for each other.


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