The 5 Kingdom Keys For Business Success | Dr. Myles Munroe

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  1. 1)Be fruitful- Be productive
    2)Multiply – Reproduce
    3)Replenish- Distribute
    4)Subdue – Control Market
    5)Dominate- RESULT – Have
    Dominion- Impact environment

    42:25 money doesn't make you rich: productivity does.
    45:58 Every problem is a business.
    49:10 what you cannot multiply, you can never succeed in.
    50:02 If you're going to be successful in business, you can be able to distribute your product.
    51:26 If do not control the market, you will die poor
    52:12 Subdue means when anybody wants a product like yours, you're the first person they think about.
    55:29 Microsoft dominates :Apple dominates.What are you going to dominate?
    57:47 The world needs your seed, but the world doesn't eat seeds. There's your dilemma.The world eats fruit.So God says produce something. And finally , your business is your seed.

    58:45 There's room for you in world.

    58:53 You were born to solve a problem.
    59:08 You are God's response to a need he created. I am God's response to a need he created
    59:21 You are the answer to a question God knew would be asked in your generation.
    I am the answer to the question God knew would be asked in my generation.
    59:39 You are the fulfilment of one of God's desires.
    I am the fulfilment of one of God's desires.
    59:54 You are an assignment your generation needs to experience.
    I am an assignment my generation needs to experience.
    1:00:12 You are necessary.
    I am necessary.
    1:00:25 Put it on your children's wall and let them repeat it every morning

  2. May The Lord bless Dr Myles Munroe for this wonderful teaching !!!
    I understand that money comes from work, and work must be productive.
    In order to be productive, there is a need to have an idea that is unique.
    But the idea have to be tested an retested in a clear mind before implementation.
    This is the time for the sons of The Kingdom of God to prove to the world that The One who is above control also the economy.
    Amen ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥


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