Thank you Sir Ravi Zacharias! We will miss you


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  1. Whoever is without sin let them cast the first stone. Woe to those who accuse a man when he is unable to defend himself. God is the judge of all. His grace covers all confessed and repented sin. I believe in this man’s innocence until I get to heaven and I find out otherwise.

  2. I am deeply saddened by the allegations of his misconduct( moral issue)I wish it as a bad dream but even the RZIM leadership has acknowledged his wrongdoings. PRAYING for God's grace upon his family and the ministry.

  3. Such a demonic spirit used God for his flesh purpose, without Holy Spirit there’s no Holy living. Shame shame shame on his character and churches and followers they did not have spirit of discernment, if he knew Christ he should seek deliverance he should know the flesh man must have to die, You can not serve two masters.

  4. Thank you sir for enlightening me through the years when I was looking for the trueth.
    For surely you have fought the good fight and taken the name of Jesus all over the world n I love how you defended Gods word against atheism n make them think twice.
    You will be surely missed..
    Rest now till that glorious morning..
    To the family ..I send my most heartfelt Condolences in a time of grief n sadness..

  5. I still can’t believe this, I listen to his talks in hopes that I can go and hear him speaking live but sadly as I’ve heard will be how I will always hear and for that I am grateful. We all miss you but you left a great legacy and I pray that many will continue to carry the torch of our Lord Jesus as you have till the very end.

  6. Dear Ravi, I'm Lorna Aaron from Noida India, It saddens me to the core knowing you are no more. I Wish I had heard you while you were with us, nevertheless I feel fortunate having stumbled upon one of your mesmerising talks & I'm 100% sure you made it happen for me, one so passionate about everything about our Lord. Rest in The Passionate Embrace of Jesus & plead with JESUS to transfer your wisdom filled heart into my son Luke that he may know & love JESUS like u do. Love YOU Ravi.

  7. Moe Mai e te rangatira ote rongopai.he hoea koe ote mai kei raro I te korowai ote atua.
    Arohanui kiakoe Ravi .
    Na to Teina I a ihu karaiti ki aotearoa
    Take your rest great cheif of the are a soldier of under the great cloak of God.we love you Ravi.
    Your brother in jesus Christ from newzealand


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