Testimony of Financial Breakthrough!

Listen to Nancy’s amazing testimony of more than $37,000 of a financial breakthrough!


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  1. Hallelujah glory to God, thank you for sharing your testimony, it was very timely indeed.. may the Lord continue to bless you and your family richly in Yeshua's most holy name Amen

  2. AMENNNNNNNNN I needed this so much! Although, I have so many testimonies to tell. So I shouldn’t get scared when I’m in need because, God always answer me. Thank you Lord! May God continue to bless you! Thank you for sharing how wonderful our Heavenly Father is! AMENNNNNNNNN 💕

  3. I have listened to this testimony again and again. I'm in a Red sea situation but I know God will make a way in Jesus Mighty Name. What an uplifting testimony. The end got me crying, for a moment there I had forgotten that God loves me. Thank you for the timely reminder

  4. I won't let my heart drop. I needed that encouraging word. I decree that that I am debt free. In the matchless name of Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony.🙏🏼


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