TD Jakes Sermons – (TD Jakes PREACH THIS You Money Pimpin Hypocrite!)

TD Jakes Sermons are a bunch of HELLISH GARBAGE about MONEY and negroes are killing babies! That fool (Paul called the Galations Fools you hypocrites) won’t ever preach the REAL BIBLE and on the issue of Abortion. FLEE from that ‘Hirelings.’


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  1. Why do people often make videos where they are calling pastors or preachers liars or hypocrits based on a few messages they've heard. Some of these preacher have been preaching and teaching for YEARS and no doubt these issues have come up and been addressed; just not on the Sunday you It's dangerous to make statments like that about people. If you don't like it – don't listen or watch them.

  2. Dude listen to yourself u make no sense the Bible says if u curse one of mine so shall u b cursed……u are no one to call Pastor Jakes a hypocrite we no satan and we know God but who are u

  3. Dude SHUT -UP .. A whole lot of talking .. and you aint saying NOTHING .. ITs actually pretty hilarious ..LMBO .. and sad at the same time .. BTW .. nice Tattoo .. smh .. Dude get a LIFE .. This was 16:37 min of IGNORANCE .. I'm just saying

  4. Look At Yall. Playn Follow The Leader. Idk If TD Jakes Supports Abortion Or Not But Either Way…The Bible Says Do Not Put Your Trust In Man. Look At Yall…Defending TD Jakes Like The Man Birthed Yall Lol. Yo, Read Your Bibles And Your Eyes And Mind And Spirit Will Identify The Evil Amounst This Land.

    -Stop Following Humans, God Is TRUTH

  5. i didnt even watch the cramp is you put on your video……because it would be a waste of time and life. I just wanted you to know how grateful i am to see someone hate on my Bishop.

  6. Thou shall not JUDGE………….. NOt everyone is saved and not everyone will be saved. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. Read Ephesians 6 Bruh!!!!!!! We are in a spiritual battle not natural.

  7. @Creations7by5 I totally agree. I was thinking the same thing. There are so many problems on the earth to address and just because a preacher miss one or so he thinks (because he probably never heard all of his sermons), it doesn't mean that the preacher is false or against God's will. Like you said, God may want to use him to speak on that but he is wasting his breathe hating on others.

  8. TD Jakes is genuine He is one of the best preachers of our time and he has the blessing of the one true God, He is full of the power of the spirit. There is NOTHING wrong with his preaching, I suggest you go to his church and hear him first hand. God bless you, I hope you find Jesus for yourself X

  9. Dude, you are psychotic..! I believe that you need to come to repentance for your fleshly wrath of judgement. Next to this comment I would diagnose that you are close to clinically insane, I don't believe that you are able to function in regular society without supervision. I hope you don't have children and crazy followers. I will pray for you.

  10. Do you have a family? is it right for you to misjudge your child over assumptions NO! Do not judge my brother and if you do judge, judge according to righteousness. If you feel there is something wrong with someone should you not pray that God makes it right? According to the measure of one's judgement so he will he be judged. Be careful to think that you are judging a man when in reality you are judging the Spirit of God.

  11. My Brother, if talking about a certain topic is where you're anointing lyes then talk about the subject on to the glory of God. Have you ever thought that maybe God called you to talk about this as passionately as you do? Don't determine or under estimate the anointing of others. Is the body just an eye? If the body where just and eye how would it walk, talk or hear? Every MAN OF GOD has been called with a specific anointing and it is right that the MAN walk in that anointing.

  12. I can only think of one word "HATER" . When you point a finger theres always three more pointing back at you. How can you stand up with a prideful chest out knowing the dirt you've done behind the bushes. Your Funny get a little bit of education an you think you know it all.

  13. This is a land of free speech and you certainly have a right to speak your mind and vent, but dude, how can you say such things about TD Jakes? Why? Walk YOUR WALK, AND TALK YOUR TALK and let TD Do TD…Negativity and slander are not godly….

  14. @caliproducts1

    Hey Cali, thanks for the offer (possible show appearance or other), but what you see is what I was born to do and nothing more. I have no interest in any sort of elevation in this way. The Lord Yeshua will get these videos on all of my Youtube Channels in front of who HE wants to see them 🙂


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