TB Joshua's Wife Reveals How He Died Asleep. Hard Not To Cry

T.B. Joshua’s Wife Finally Exposes How He Died Asleep. Hard Not To Cry

The wife of Temitope Balogun Joshua, Evelyn, has now explained how he passed on asleep.

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  1. Our father is not dead believe me, he's with God and I believe that u might be shocked to see him coming back to life, I have signs of joy my God is talking to me, and people don't believe me

  2. good riddance one less false prophet, if he was a true prophet he would have prophesied and seen his own death coming if you cannot learn from the expwriance you are doomed just someone suffering from TB

  3. I am happy that the man of God is in heaven now. He has always been with the Lord throughout his life here on earth 🌍 He has given everything he can offer, we should continue to do so as he as, We as Church as Christ like! Praise God for TB Joshua for blessing us & our Generation 💯👏🏽🔥

  4. you do not know what are you saying. he was not dead on his leep. on Saturday the 5th of June while having service he was not feel good and he dye the same day.

  5. There is something special about TB Joshua that I admired the first time I watched him. He is so humble , down to earth, caring and his relationship with the Father is more like what Jesus would want his followers to be. He doesn’t care about riches or fame and fancy lifestyle and that’s why I think this man is real and the Lord saw that he was fit and ready so He took him home after he has done his work on earth. Blessings from Canada and May his soul Rest In Peace.

  6. Wow is this the wife. Never seen her before or heard her talking.
    Looks like a deeply wise woman. I love the natural look of this madam.
    I always see Nigerian woman in extravagant dresses. Gold and glamour
    All the live Madam from south side of Southern Africa

  7. I came to know the man of God, prophet TB Joshua, my most respected man of God on earth died. So sad, why did God take him so early? Sometimes its hard to understand God's plan to us. I really appreciate his beloved wife took in charge. May Almighty use the same as Late Prophet TB Joshua. Amen.🙏🙏🙏

  8. I think he was another part of the Lord Jesus who came and left when His work was done. Praise Him on high and don't worry. He didn't die but was taken home safety. <3 He will be greatly missed. A JOB WELL DONE AND I SALUTE YOU TB JOSHUA.


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