T.D. Jakes: You Will Rise Again | Sermon Series: Crushing | FULL TEACHING | TBN

On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches that pain won’t last forever. Listen as he encourages you to believe that you will rise again to fulfill your purpose through Christ.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 When God Became Man
4:19 Humility in Crushing
8:00 Why Are You Here?
13:20 Are You Living Someone Else’s Life?
15:38 What He Made You For


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  1. I sinned against You and took her for granted 😭 I'm 💔 by my mistakes please restore me Lord… If it's Your Will bring me and her back together and if not help me forgive myself and please heal her heart for the pain I caused.


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