T.D. Jakes: Nothing in your Life is Wasted With God | Sermon Series: Crushing | FULL TEACHING | TBN

On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches that God is strategic. Listen as he explains how God will use everything that you go through to remind you of your need for Him.

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Blind Faith
7:42 God Timing
14:29 Purpose & Process


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  1. Great word Bishop T.D. Jakes. Right now I've been getting for several crushed but I'm going to come out the other side wine and dine with my Lord. God is soo good!! and God gets all the glory!!🙏🙏🌹🌹🌈🌈💒💒🕊️🕊️

  2. "God, don't let anything shine on me that's too bright for me…don't let anything shine on me that's too hot for me. Because the greater the lighter, the greater the heat"

  3. Out of a divorce for a couple months now. Still difficult days. We always said God brought us together, now he says God didn’t because neither of us were in Him. I have definitely grown in faith since separation but feel we were brought together. Patiently waiting for God to guide me because He knew this would happen, I pray for my steps to be guided by God and pray for my exhusband to find God again.

  4. Please pray for me. Missing my infant son and praying for his safety and our reunion. I pray that my ex find the strength to get the help he needs. I pray that his heart is softened and he finds the strength to accept outside help for the struggles he is facing.

  5. Well I’m jackie nyc thank you Bishop the father luvs me. Thank you Jesus thank you Bishop for this word I luv u so much ! This helped me today ! I am in my fathers house crushed but not defeated !!! Thank you Jesus luv jackie nyc

  6. Bishop I luv you I had to block my beautiful daughter had to too much drama from 13 years ago! Just foolishness ! Bishop it’s your parisheser Jacqueline. Please God let me see her anyway one day please!!!

  7. I’m tiring it to you God it’s too big for me . Wow way too big! Those daughters I have both ! Getting ready to well already did block one. Can’t even do the drama. God is stragetic ! Thank you Jesus!


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