T.D. Jakes: How to Overcome Crushing Pain | FULL EPISODE | Praise on TBN

T.D. Jakes joins Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN’s Praise to discuss how to overcome crushing pain. Listen as they discuss how to …


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  1. You are build through the weight placed upon you.Sometimes you go through pain for the best things to come out through you.Grapes are crushed for wine to be processed.There is no resurrection without crucification .He makes wisdom out of the mistakes we make.

  2. I watched this first time and soaked my pillow in tears. And watching it for the nth time is no different – I just go through ‘crushing’!
    This is the first of BTDJ’s Crushing series that I transcribed for me to remember that as intentioned, “Crushing is not the end!”
    TBN, ❣️🙏

  3. I don’t understand why you still bleeding for switching the machine off for your mum. I feel you are bleeding because of the weight of the call. . It is pain and joy, bleeding and celebrating all at the same time. You are a pastor

  4. Every thing work for good to those who love God and seek His will. I’m not the only child to God. Sometimes He allows crushing me because it will do others good. We are living sacrifice for Christ Jesus. I’m a mum and I care for all my kids. This means what I have is divided, means one of my kids may suffer at different time. It takes courage to turn the ventilator off . It is painful,but your son was right, it is courageous to do that. I love you humility, the ability to listen to people, the respect you show when you talk. It is inspiring and it gives me hope.

  5. the wisdom of td jakes and the understanding of pain people feel on the inside is why I love him and his teachings, I am healed by his words Inspired through the gospel of christ thank you.

  6. The amount of wisdom here… Its so timely. 🙏 Focus on surviving the storm, don't try understanding it when you in it- only when it has settled that's whwn you try understand it.

  7. 45:09 No, Mr. from TBN, that's not a good definition. If you've been going through crushing that severe and long and even over and over again, you do NOT know that Jesus loves you. You even doubt that, after crying from the depths of your heart and all remained the same. Or got worse. And it tears you apart, for the hardest crushing is the "Why have You forsaken me?" even if your theology says He doesn't. It still comes across that way.
    But there is this love for God and for all He stands for, that cries from deep within, to the heavens above. That connection is not broken, even if you shake your fist to the silent heavens and accuse God of malice. You know you are wrong at that, yet at that time it's real. But after that, after that feeling of rejection, there is still this intense longing for Him and you make up with Him, even if you still suffer.
    And yes, the church often aggravates it. For indeed, there must be something wrong with you. And they point fingers and teach in Your house, that if you believe God, you cannot become ill. Even when they know, you have been and still are terribly ill. The betrayal of trust in fellow Christians is much harder to digest, than the betrayal of them, that belong to this wicked world.
    Even when I see my life deteriorating and everything I worked for and gave for and longed for and served for breaks down – and even when I don't feel it always – in the end, it is there. This love for God, that cries "Abba! Father!" when He is untouchable. And somehow, that does quiet you. That does make the waves of inner turmoil lie down.

    I sure hope, that even for me, there is "gonna be something beyond that" as Mr. Jakes spoke.

    Please people, refrain from shallow answers. I did not write this for you, but for those, who are being crushed right now and are bleeding all over. You are not alone. And it will pass, somehow, some day, even if it is with our passing. We will get passed this crushing eventually. Those wines at the wedding table of Christ and us must taste beyond good.


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