T.D. Jakes: How are You Talking to Yourself? | Sermon Series: Crushing | FULL TEACHING | TBN

On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches the importance of speaking and believing truth over lies. Listen as he teaches that your thoughts feed your faith or fear.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Silence the Lies
3:30 Who Do You Listen to?
6:10 Speak Back
8:15 What Words Mean
13:23 Remember Me
15:11 Stand on it


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  1. 🙏❤️⚓ HEB: 6:19 Hope is an anchor for our souls. But, as Bishop Jake's just taught us our 👄 mouth has to speak God's words! Stop and think about what we are thinking and saying! Death and life are in the power of the 👅tongue, and those who love it will eat it's fruit. Prov: 18:21.👄

  2. WOW another anointed Word for us to stand on. When the going gets rough the tough, strong courageous ones will STAND and show others how to BELIEVE our awesome God also! So thankful for Bishop T.D. Jake's teaching by example of a live lived in God's word! An amazing Pastor, Teacher, husband, Father and brother-In-Christ. Blessing to everyone who hears this word. Amen and Amen

  3. The conference in which I think of myself is getting stronger but the confidence I have in God is way above and beyond anyone's imagination truly believe in my heart that God is fixing to show all those who have been laughing at me making in front of me asking me where's your God now God is fixing to put a different conversation under the roof of all those who have tried to harm me for my God created this world he is bigger than this world loving in the Lord

  4. Just a little sample while surviving in the wilderness my friends were always with me safe hope and Grace Grace was with me whenever I got into a car with someone I didn't even know hope faith alone and safe allow me to know that I was going to be okay. One day grace introduce me into the king his name was Kareem everyone called him the great one we were really good friends he had a really beautiful beautiful heart he would look out for the whole neighborhood meaning the block was really the Wilderness by itself contaminated drugs prostitutes you name it that block was it but I got a blessing out of being on that block actually living in surviving on that block I met the great one and I did something for him that I know that God sent me to do and that was to help him have faith making a long story short he was a truck driver and he made an illegal u-turn killing two people instantly he had cancer he went in the hospital he was all alone he had his bladder removed but one thing I taught him was to have faith each and every day he will call me I would tell him how much you want to bet you're going to be good even in the beginning of the incident when I heard about it answer me I felt and heard that voice he's going to be okay no matter what anyone said I knew in my heart that he was going to be fine make a long story short he did not want to die in jail his cancer got worse it spread it to his bones but each and every day I told him trust me you're going to be okay but I also told him that God was trying to get his attention and sometimes he has to sit you down God has a way of turning every situation around he will always let you know who he is. I say that to say this the great one had a wish in his wish was he just didn't want to die in jail how about his Bell was $300,000 he went to court they lowered his bill to 50,000 his mom Drew to Mohawk New York by herself in the snow and build her son out he called me on the phone and I said to him did not tell you you was going to be good did not tell you so now that you're out do not put him second and he died the next day it was sad but I was also happy because he got what he wanted and because God worked through me he had the chance to come home I actually told him every day you going to be fine how much you want to bet you going to be good LOL I miss him so much but I feel so good that he's right where God wanted him to be

  5. In the name of Jesus God I really hope and pray that there's someone really listening to this message and there's someone reading in my comment because I have a lot that I know I can share with the world but I just don't know what where to go about it I have lived in the wilderness half my life and God has brought me through each and every second I know that my story will bless me and bless others I just don't know what route to take to get it out there

  6. My Family are the voices that keeps replaying in my mind at times because they’re trying too tear me down!! Then sometimes it leads me too have negative thoughts about myself! But I’m doing good and God has blessed me a lot more now but my mom and brother keeps bringing me down!!

  7. Oh how I long to see with my own eyes since I only heard of Your Word and promises. I pray that what's said in Ezekiel 12: 28 to be fulfilled in Jesus Name, help me to trust the process to see Your miracle I believe for.


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