T.D. Jakes: Can You Trust God if He Doesn't Answer? | Sermon Series: Crushing | FULL TEACHING | TBN

On T.D. Jakes new sermon series, Crushing, T.D. Jakes teaches on healing from trauma, after the trouble has passed. Listen as he teaches that you can have fear and faith at the same time.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 No Answers
4:22 Answers in Suffering
6:30 Pruning is NOT Punishment
9:07 Fear & Faith
10:13 Why Not You?
14:20 Trouble Doesn’t Last
15:20 Jumping Ship


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  1. I have been 18 years praying I am holding on for so long God please help me I am sick to my stomach because it is a long long time please give me something 🙏 18 years I need Deliverance Deliverance Deliverance the pain of feeling is this every going to end .

  2. I have learned that no matter what happens, god isn’t wushu washy. God loves us. Accountability doesn’t always feel good but if we kept it real , we’d see we got ourselves in whatever caused us to ask for gods help at all. It’s folks being killed and we worried about eating. Yes eating is necessary but imagine being deceased. That’s worse. It’s actually something worse than hunger pains. Or having food but can’t digest it because of an illness or a radiation treatment. It get a worse. We have to remember that. I remember lord. I remember and I thank you. Even if my soul has to cry out, lord I remember. Let your will be done. I can’t say let your will be done but then ask or get mad at our wishes not being granted. Lord have your way, it’s scary for me not having control , but I have been in control and have caused myself to suffer. I might as well experience growing pains. At least if I pass, I may have a chance to see god. This stuff here, is just stuff. And it’s scary saying that but you have to stay in gods will because our will is so weak. I submit. My flesh tries to make me go into fight or flight but my body has to go at this point. I can’t run from god anymore. I have been hungry and still been happy, but without god, I feel like I don’t want life at all. Lord have your way. I have got to learn how to hush and trust. Amen

  3. T.D. Jakes isn't just a preacher. For he's a intellectual teacher with true life experiences that knows how to express God's word like a scientist. And it just so happens that the man knows a lot about wine, but not sure if he spoke about wine in this sermon.

  4. You have to understand, God required of Abraham his son and he put God first and saved his son by his obedience in like manner you seek his will and he will do the needful

  5. The Bible is One, Single, Solitary book,

    and that is the total extent of your evidence to prove your god???

    The Bible is Fiction:

    This 'Bable' book is backed up by absolutely no facts and no evidence for gods!

    It is not proof for any god(s)

    The fables are intertwined within historical places and people…

    eg Egypt and the Pharaohs existed,

    whereas Moses did NOT exist,

    and the Exodus did not happen.. !

    A 'global' flood never occurred in Geologic history !

    [btw – any objections to these historical facts must be accompanied with evidence

    to prove the existence

    of any god claimed]

    It is a historical novel

    ie A book of fiction….


  6. "Trust in God, and fear NOTHING."
    Wisdom from my
    Granny Mac

    I have been crushed and pruned. I have cried a million tears. I have been through the Dark Night of the Soul. I am exhausted physically, mentally and spiritually. Yet I am eager to see what comes next.

  7. At 9:53 he completely misquoted that scripture. I have learned a lot. From TD Jakes but him misquoting scripture and trying to make it fit. This sermon is very concerning to me. Can someone please explain that?

  8. Father I thank you for Bishop T. D Jakes 🙏. You use him to heal our wounds and to make us understand you better.We learn that whatever you allow to happen to us is for a good purpose and it works for our good. Stay blessed Bishop!


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