Stop Wearing Yourself Out | Pastor Steven Furtick

Instead of wearing yourself out, choose your battles wisely.

This clip was pulled from the message, “When The Battle Chooses You”. To view the full message, click here:

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  1. Pastor Steven, your sermons are lifesavers, prayer answers, honestly the meat(word) we need for the day. I log onto youtube and I swear the spirit picked the sermon for me on each day because it's definitely in season, and goes with exactly how I feel and what I need to feed my spirit on that day. Thank you and God Bless you🙏❤️

  2. Praise the name of the Most High Living GOD, Am feeling at peace after hear this sermon it has blessed me. God bless u n continue manifesting through u as u preach the good new for the blind to see n deaf to hear. Praising God for this sermon from Nairobi, Kenya

  3. Thank for this word from God Pastor. I needed to hear this message tonight. God is always right on time. He promises not to leave us nor forsake us. What I am facing now, is not my first rodeo. He carried me through before, and He WILL carry me though this. Amen. God Bless you and your family.


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