Steve Baughman: My dinner with Ravi Zacharias which brought him down

Ravi invited Steve Baughman for a dinner and that would seal his doom. In this video, attorney Steve Baughman explains his meeting with Ravi Zacharias. Visit us

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  1. Is your channel about Ravi alone? You need a life. Jesus said he who has no sin should cast the first stone. Think about your sins you can't stop and how to stop them. That is what will help you to be considered by God. Funny channel

  2. If Ravi had control over so many things and people, he probably misled Abdu as well. If this guy has any evidence against Abdu he must present it, not just make statements. I met Ravi once and could not believe that he did this. Today I am very pissed off that he did so much to mislead and misrepresent the Christian faith. I am sure Abdu was in the same boat and would have defended him not knowing any better. I am pretty sure Abdu would not defend him now or when the evidence surfaced.

  3. Indeed Ravi never sat well with me. I was always uncomfortable watching him and could not understand 'why'? I knew thousands of people loved him…Yet I was just this older woman who could not settle in my spirit when watching anything he talked about. It felt like I was watching to be honest someone who was an (imposter)…I then knew after years of my feelings about him, of course just my spirit was uneasy…It made sense. We all live and learn even in later life.

  4. Food for thought. Has it crossed anyone's mind that maybe a little Mr Robbie tried to get his mouth on other men's scrotums in the ministry, not just women but possibly men and God forbid children. Might be something to look into

  5. And John MacArthur the same – seems like the “smart” people follow him but fiercely deny signs of evil that are beginning to be exposed – as I believe you have his commentaries on your shelf . . .

  6. Vilifying people who call them out is standard procedure of cult type leaders. I’ve been to many churches with cult of personality as the theme. The hypocrisy and manipulation is impossible to describe unless you experience it. Many churches have cultic leaders who preach a theologically accurate Gospel.

  7. I've noticed that wolves in sheep's clothing will speak more philosophically instead of pure scripture, they are praised on television, and are loved by the world, but true followers of Christ are humble, have no recognition, they are hated for His namesake, and they speak SIMPLY THE WORD OF GOD, they do not add or take away, they do not try to sound intelligent for their own glory.

    "Jesus told me, "My servant, Satan has diverted many from My path. I did not offer fame, recognition, and applause. I said that they would be persecuted and hated for My name's sake, and afflictions would pass"….The media are satanic and serves to boast man and not God. I made a covenant with God, He told me that He would exalt me, as long as I did not seek the media and recognition. I'd rather be anonymous, lower myself, and be a simple man."-Kenzo Atsushi

    Here are two WOLVES IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING, that the world holds in high regard:

    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Many don't know that Martin Luther King was secretly a freemason (aka Luciferian). Martin Luther King was used to preach Masonic ideas, and if you ever paid attention to his so-called "sermons", they were not Biblical, they were philosophical. The masons didn't want him to discover that he was being used to control the black people for their agenda, that’s why Freemasons killed him before he could find out. Martin Luther King was also a womanizer. There is a document intercepted by the FBI about a man threatening to expose Martin Luther King's debauchery and orgies. On a different secret file, it states that Martin Luther King was having affairs with three different women, one of them was singer Joan Baez:

    Billy Graham
    "Many years ago there were rumors
    that Billy was a 33rd degree Mason!
    I went to the Mason site and sure
    enough his name was listed as a 33
    rd degree Mason! There were
    pictures of him at meetings! Each
    chair had the Mason symbol on it! A man who was a Mason and knew
    Billy, said that they Believe Lucifer
    was the true God they worship! And it had been planned for many many years that Billy would preach Jesus as Lord, and then turn to 'All roads lead to Heaven'! Like the Pope!"-Annie Bueltel

    This is why evil people like Bush senior, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and crooked Nixon spoke well of them, because they were like them.

  8. I thought this dude was awesome for so long and he turned out to be a fraud. Why does that seem to be the going pattern in the church? Do ANY pastors take this shit seriously? It's like a hypocrite academy.

  9. [2Ti 3:5-7 KJV] 5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. 6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, 7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  10. I defend Ravi earlier online, now i leave it to the Lord regarding these tings, next time I'll refrained from being for or against allow "due process".

  11. Have listened to him for decades. I believe in my heart Ravi was sincere in his mission to spread and defend the faith but was given to periods of utter weakness in his flesh. Compounding the problem was his inability to come clean early on and to nip the problem at the bud. My heart goes out to his family and to the victims. That being said I hope the truths of the gospel and for the gospel that he spoke and wrote are not tossed aside with impunity. Not justifying his despicable acts but he also made real sacrifices that cost him. I hope the victims are dealt with with all sincerity and compassion and they receive strength to move on with their lives in the power of Jesus Christ.

  12. Yet if you were to xray spiritually each one of these accusers, most of them including this attorney, have double lives. David was a man after Gods own heart, yet in his humanity he was a lustful man, with a desire to have more than one woman. No need to continue to beat a dead man.

    Like a coating of glaze over earthenware are fervent lips w/ an evil heart. A malicious man disguises himself w/ his LIPS but in his HEART he HARBORS DECEIT. Though his speech is CHARMING, do NOT believe him, for SEVEN ABOMINATIONS FILL HIS HEART.

  14. Another aspect I'd like to talk about is that when people open up the doors to evil doings, they also open up the doors to strongmen, principalities, powers, etc. in the spirit realm…it looks to me like Ravi carried w/ him a strongman of Jezebel spirit, the witchcraft spirit, the spirit of intimidation, lying spirit, seduction spirit, the charmer spirit (like a snake) & many more. For sure, HE WAS A WOLF & WOLVES FOOL PEOPLE!!! So glad that Steve had this dinner w/ him & continued to pursue him!

  15. A true Christian would NEVER write a harsh criticism about someone who pointed his sins and shortcomings. He would say something like, "I have this weakness and I sin, but please pray for me that I would quit sinning in this way (e.g. pornography).

  16. I’ve been working with the military and special operators in different ways for 30 years. I’ve been on staff at three mega churches in various capacities. I spent 3 hours with Ravi for lunch in DC. i’ve seen this kind of thing happen several times. Christian ministries tend to be disorganized and naïve.
    Just this morning, I was talking with my son, who wants to be in ministry, about having that special operator mentality.

    Build a team. Think like a team. Think like a brotherhood. Watch your brothers six. Have a clear mission. Have a plan. Cross train. Understand every nuance of your weapon. Stay focused. Demand integrity. Demand responsibility. When you see your brother going sideways, call him out on it, immediately. If he makes excuses, he shows weakness and will hurt the team. the mission is more important than the man. Send him to another team.
    If you’re working in a ministry where the leader is really a dictator, shows signs of self-centeredness, remove him, or find a different place to minister. Because, trust me, the ministry will go sideways.

  17. Good framing of a man. Ravi is wrong but the truth he preached was right. Jesus was proved in human courts to be a blasphemous person. What did both of these idiots do .. other than coming out at the end

    He looks so much drunkard and pathetic

  18. Sad what a mark left if all true. May God bring healing. But thise who trusted him and loved his ministry will continue. His success as a person of different color can also be sore eyes…God is the ultimste judge for this accountability.

  19. ECCLESIASTES 12:14

    14 For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether [it be] good, or whether [it be] evil.
    JEREMIAH 23:24

    24 Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? saith the LORD. Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD.
    MARK 4:22

    22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.
    EPHESIANS 5:12

    12 For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

  20. Truly there's nothing hidden that shall not be brought to light. Those of you who have turned heroes overnight from the shackles of Sir Ravi, doing videos upon videos to shame the man; rejoicing, jumping, and celebrating because an icon in the Lord's vineyard whose ministry dealt a great blow and havoc to the kingdom of darkness and the powers that be, is being perceived to have gone down especially, at a time that he is not there to defend or speak for himself, are the worst sort of Christians I have ever come across. I've just bumped into this whole scandal wahala in a little less than a month. Just last week, I also read from RZIM'S Facebook page, what they termed is the full and final report and, you know what? I was shocked to the core that this is a report so discerning and matured Christians based their judgment upon to condemn a brother; unless they are telling us there another report they only were allowed to have access to. I've seen and heard so many of these kinds of things, many so-called victims coming forward to apologize for lying against innocent men of God, after destroying their reputation for years. Those cult men in Babylon sought every way possible to bring down Daniel but were disappointed because of his integrity; finally, they were forced to employ his loyalty to God to get him out of the way. Unlike Daniel, it was easy to malign Ravi because he frequents massage outlets for health reasons or whatever. Well, have you ever considered that his cancer situation can be a result of a slow poison administered by trusted hands to his food or drink? After all, his ministry has shaken the very core and settings of various satanic groups and he has become a thorn in their flesh. God's not a respecter of persons. If He wills, He can still vindicate him from the grave even though all of you are quick to judge and condemn him. Those seeking to clear and destroy his works must remember that the works are not his but God's. And God's able to let another warrior rise from his roots, more powerful than Ravi, to continue the assault on the kingdom of darkness. God be with us all and, may He continue to bless discerning and faithful hearts.

  21. The “Angry” look Ravi gave you, is the vert instant he saw Satan sitting in front of him, whose sole mission was to take him down and all Christians, by exposing his very real sins! But you are not content to expose his sins, you must destroy his influence amongst believers!

  22. Steve you maybe right or you may be wrong

    Anurag Sharma the Indian made another Indian fall down in the eyes of the world.

    The looks etc the portrayal is well pictured step by step.. your just assuming his mind and thoughts and words

    All is done after his death. And why is this brought up after his death. The Jeevan spa is all that you have from a convert other than that..

    We’re you there when he did it

    False witnesses can bury
    Vultures picking on the dead … you should have stood while he was speaking in public ohh no.
    The dead can’t defend

    Spa and devices is all you put together:


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