Stephen A. ROASTS the Cowboys: 'I told you it was gonna happen…THIS IS WHAT THEY DO' ‼️ | Cowboys

Stephen A. ROASTS the Cowboys: ‘I told you it was gonna happen…THIS IS WHAT THEY DO’ ‼️ | Cowboys
Stephen A. Smith joins Get Up to talk about the Dallas Cowboys’ loss against the San Francisco 49ers’ in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs.

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  1. I Wonder why he said nothing about the STEELERS getting blowing out 42-21🤷…..The Steelers have a 12 YR Superbowl drought with the same Head coach and Qb BIG BEN….NOW talk about the Steelers CHOKE YR AFTA YR

  2. I mean as much as I love the Cowboys Dallas Texas resident born and raised! I hate to admit it but he’s right about the Cowboys! They somehow always drop the ball!

  3. Stephen isn't a genius. I'm a fan but know their problem unlike lots of haters here who are so zealous of their losing teams. Love the game or leave it. Not end of world. Jesus only true champion 🏆 of all time. Down here we all lose announcers.

  4. Coach didn't have boys ready. Stephen isn't no Ali. Hahaha. Offensive line man broblem and maybe Dak. Dak had bad game as usual in playoffs or payoffs. Line hasn't blocked for Zeke all season. Fix it Boys if you want the Trophy.

  5. Two things you gonna read as you scroll down the comments:
    – One group is enjoying SAS trolling the Cowboys & their fans.
    – The other one complaining & dare I say sick of these shows talking about the Cowboys & not the other playoffs teams!😂

  6. Dallas promotes fake stars and their roster ends up be having such an embellished resume behind them with poor leadership whom doesn’t know how best to put a program together to build a championship team.

  7. The cowboys had the second weakest schedule in the NFL and that is the reason they made it to the playoffs. They weren't a good team. Plain and simply and on national TV with everyone watching it showed. Romo was just as average and Dak and did no better. He had play makers also and still came up short.

  8. # BEST WEEK EVER 👍 IT IS GOOD TO SEE STEPHEN A SMITH WALKING AROUND AFTER HIS BATTLE WITH COVID 😷 from Monday to Friday it was a week that has smile on Stephen A Smith face throwing salt in the cowboys wounds after loss PRICELESS !

  9. Steven A Smith and the others have nothing good to say about the cowboy's and other teams but they think they are expert's in sports but from what I see they are a bunch of Dumass

  10. Cowboy 100 it's good to see that Stephen A Smith that you predicted us to have a hiccup. The funny thing is you couldn't predict that your hairline was about to fall back. Facts Cuz !!

  11. Until the fans start hurting Jerry's wallet or he dies the Cowboys not going anywhere. Jerry is the problem with this franchise. He treats it like a country club.

  12. Elliot, Prescott, Copper, Lamb everybody calling them stars but when did they proved themselves to be stars? Just because they play for the Cowboys it doesn't mean they are superstars yes the coach sucks but where were these supposed to be stars? Not a Cowboys fan but they deserve better.!!!

  13. I hear y’all complaining about the Cowboys segments but you guys clicked on the video to watch.. admit it.. you like seeing SAS clown them too 😂😂😂


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