Spirit Of Praise 7 Ft. Mmatema – Make A Way Gospel Praise & Worship Song

Mmatema singing “Make A Way” at Spirit Of Praise 7

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  1. I got a job that's paying very well after many years of earning peanuts.

    Ever since Ive been getting offers from companies and I'm in disbelief how good makes a way when you thought it won't get better. I'm in awe of the Lord

  2. I completed my studies 2019.i struggled to get my certificate coz i owed fees.this year 2022,i settled my fees and got my additional qualification.this song carried me.

  3. My daughter was a addict I was a cop 👮‍♀ I came home 🏡 from work I seen my daughter dead in front of me , I cried out to GOD I HEARD THE AUDIBLE voice of God saying I’ll turn it around for my Kingdom’ ! Next day I became an evangelist & now my daughter is married & her son is my grandson he is a evangelist for God! Glory to glory from story to a new story & glory!

  4. I trust his has made a way , next year I'm going to university. I just have to trust in his plans and believe it's already done. Thank you God and Amen!🙏🏾❤️

  5. I am doing my final year in Bachelor of Pharmacy. I am the first one in my entire family tree to ever go to varsity. they said being uneducated runs in the family, and I say this is where it runs out. HE MADE A WAY.

  6. It's just one of my favourite songs.
    I finished high school on april 2022…and got placed to do software engineering.
    Though I don't have money for the university,but I believe and trust HE WILL MAKE A WAY,FOR HE HAS PLANS TO MAKE ME PROSPER…🙏🙏

  7. This song carried me through in 2020, through the morning walks when I didn't know where a job would come from in the midst of Covid.It's 1:40am 2022 and as I'm listening isn't God just gracious?He made a way.Ooh how I soak in His goodness.

  8. I was academically excluded from university back in December 2020/ January 2021. That was the darkest point of my life, I sang this song.. crying uncontrollably questioning why me when I'm such a bright yet average student. It was so difficult to keep the faith but I constantly spoke this song over my situation then. I appealed and got approved. Obtained my BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTING DEGREE and now I'm studying towards my post-grad qualification which I also believe has my name on it. Glory to God.

  9. Yooh. I do not know how to begin. But this song is anointed. This song made me pass my exam after i have received failed results. But keh. God was like “i’ll never let you down, just trust in me i will make a way” wow!!!!!! graduation had existed my mind i was depressed within two minutes of breathing😭😭😭😭i checked my results today and i have found that i made it😭😭yooh! Thank you mmatema thank you God. To anyone reading this. Do not give up. In fact sleep on the lyrics of this song. 🙏

  10. "Even in my darkest days God you are still my light " i trust you'll make a way…. i recently lost my dad ,who was my bestfriend and all i could wish for ….. i trust you'll make away

  11. I’m a living testimony that God makes a way always. God will put you to places you never imagined yourself through. This song always makes me reflect to all things God helped me through. I was hopeless and never thought i would be someone significant to anyone but after my mom called and said “ngithembe wena” as a 22 year old I felt like God has something big instore for me. God made a way for me🥹 currency doing my MSc and built 3 rooms for my mom with my allowance stipend. I believe
    I’m a blessed to be a blessing unto other people and I pray I always remember where God took me from.


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