[SPECIAL MESSAGE] "We Need God!" – by Ravi Zacharias

[SPECIAL MESSAGE] “We Need God!” – by Ravi Zacharias
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  1. We ne God really????this old man is an agent of a Satan….the Doughter has released statement about the scandle sexual misconduct…..its so sad to hear such person talking the word of God with such tone yet 😞 he's a monster

  2. Thank god that these videos are available now on the YouTube . There is none like him who defended the Christian faith. The allegation and commission report are false and ill intended as so defame this great man and his legacy . How does the commission concluded the case in favour of the complainants without hearing the accused . It is sheer denial of justice .

  3. Why did God give Ravi the gift of his ‘tongue’ Ravi spoke highly of the God we serve and introduced messages of encouragement,hope and uplifting to the world BUT he did not point fingers at anyone he spoke to, in his messages. Ravi’s personal confession is between God and him. Those that stand here today and continue pointing fingers? I would be very scared when judgement day comes.

  4. Ravi Zacharias is amazing man to me in his teachings, and i don't care about all the negative things people are saying about him , you know, when you point finger at someone where do the left four goes, all points back to you, telling you that you have more problems than the one you have pointed finger at. Leave Ravi alone and allow God to be the judge.

  5. This man Zacharias.
    For his lifestyle sexually, abusing many young woman's sexually assaulted by his lifestyle, covered by his family and people working with him, only money, is important.
    I pray OUR HEAVENLY FATHER to judged them, in the Name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST Amen

  6. People are always slow to learn. Quick to condemn. Who are we to condemn? Are we in any position to condemn, we sinners? A Person who understood God's love will never condemn because they themselves deserve it but rather will choose to give love and compassion, not judgment. Think.

  7. HE NEEDED GOD! I can no long watch him because of all the ungodly things I just found out he did for at least the last 10 yrs if not longer! Knowing this how can I even think he was a real CHRISTian! One of the wolves in sheep’s clothing! His poor family!

  8. I honestly think you need to be sensitive to victims of sexual abuse and not just keep acting as if everything is normal. There are plenty of sermons that are not untainted. I'm downvoting this video not in protest of whatever content it has but in protest of your choice to share it at this time.


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