South African town running out of water – BBC News

Authorities in South Africa’s Nelson Mandela Bay are racing to prevent taps from running dry.

“Day Zero”, when the water supply runs out, will see close to two million residents without water.

A prolonged drought and poor management of water infrastructure have been blamed for the crisis.

A strict water-saving regime has been implemented to try and help the town cope.

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  1. South Africa is the least country with natural problems and natural disasters. It was the 1st time they experience such severe flooding. Almost all South African problems come from the ruling party.

  2. Oh well we are out of electricity too. Our government is robbing us blind, they maintain and plan nothing, especially municipalities managed by the ANC that the world supported and wanted to take over. Will also help if water taps aren't running full time in townships and taps aren't stolen! No hope!

  3. So as long as water supply is good or fair then use water as You like , but when they have 2 weeks of water left, then now use the water only if You really need it,- better if You do not use it at all, the good question is who run the city…..who run the people? they should use water as little as possible whole year long not the last 2 weeks, but when You stupid then what do You expect.TH

  4. This is what government failure has bought upon the people, too busy stealing and getting fat on thier bloated political agendas. Keeping the masses poor and destituted selling lies as promises for votes ,, keeping the party and government in power,,

  5. Dubai is in the middle of the desert and it has 3 million people, but they don't run out of water. This is clearly a case of mismanagement. South Africa should invest in salt water treatment or even drag a piece of ice from Antarctica.

  6. Look up H302 💧 water. Its living structure water. H302 is more viscous, dense, and alkaline than regular water. You get it from melons and fruits. Its amazing how long one can live without drinking regular H20 water as long as you are eating lots of melons

  7. Clitmate change?🤣 no dear its corruption..the ruling party ANC is stealing al the tax money and not putting it back into en infrastructures and economy.. but the African people keep on voting ANC..there is no hope.. my advice is to leave this 💩hole of a country and the idiots to rule themselves

  8. More accurately – Port Elizabeth.
    The government spends more money on Town name changes than actual modern day upkeep.
    The ANC is FAR more detrimental to the livelihood of South Africa than climate change, I can guarantee you that.

    Fun fact, there is a flag pole that flies the South African flag in Port Elizabeth that apparently costs tax payers R200 000 p/a to fly. ($12 000 / £10 000) which is more important than infrastructure that provides basic human rights services. More rain water is wasted because of the lack of upkeep than what is actually being provided to the dams and treatment plants.

  9. Apparently we live in water scarce country – yet there is severe flooding every year in some regions and here where I live we have had over 100mm of rain on average for weeks during the rainy season. We even have thunder-showers in the middle of winter now. If you think your government is bad just take a look at these useless idiots and be grateful your water supply isn't shut off every weekend.

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  11. The government can make it rain!
    Fact check me.
    Weather Control
    Operation Popeye

    US Patent 4686605 (1-10-85)
    Altering Regions in earth.

    US Patent 10105633
    Snow- class 239/14.1
    Weather Control

    Patent US 20030085296A1
    hurricane and tornado control

    National Weather Policy Act of 1976

    S.Rept. 109-202
    2005 Weather Modification and technology


  12. Incompetence is an Africa right and they will have it come rain or shine. There is absolutely no cure, black pride just keeps on producing its incumbent result.


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