Shepherds In The Field – Bishop T.D. Jakes

In one night, God began an event that would shake up the world in a way that was never seen before. But the moment of Jesus’ birth was not isolated: it was the fulfillment of a promise to redeem the land and its people from their sins — and every problem, every heartache, and every strife that we so struggle would fall away. There was no plan, no precedence, and no place for this moment, but a purpose that had to be fulfilled. Just like that moment, ready or not, God is fulfilling that in you! The Good Shepherd is in the field, and the shadow of your former struggle recedes in the presence of His sensational light.

Message: “Shepherds in the Field”
Scripture: Luke 2:4-15,20; Genesis 4:1-3,8-12; Psalm 23:1 (KJV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: December 13, 2020

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  1. I cast my fear of poverty and lack, illness, separation, sadness and depression onto the feet of the lord. I trust that all financial hardships and burdens will be resolved and I will no longer live with the fear of lack! As i walk in my purpose and pursue God in all that I do! Glory be to God! Thank you Bishop

  2. I need you right now. For to strengthen me being and single mother to my children. And my finances over my home. To lead me in the right direction in life. I decree and declare. Teach me try to serve you better and structure.

  3. THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD I SHALL NOT WANT. 🙏😌GLORY HALLELUJAH AMEN 🙏 This word is powerful thank you King Jesus. Great and mighty lord God 🙏 Thank you for being our Shepherd. Thanks Paster Jacks powerful word.

  4. Fear,angerbitterness,jeously,idolatry,laziness,worry,depression,negativity,forgiveness, leaving my past behind, courage,understanding,empathy,sympathy, lack of knowledge in my job areas,unhealthy body,unhealthy mind,addictions,bad habits,argumentative,faith cast it all to you my good Shephard Amen 🙏 🙌

  5. Family, marriage, work, courage, fear,doubt,faith,insecurties,my husband, enemies,evil, attacks,strength, wisdom,knowledge, peace,anger, bitterness,worry ,generational curses,habits,the shepard is in the field Amen👏 🙌

  6. Thank you Jesus. I've been carrying so much inside. So much finances and disappointment on myself and not letting you guide my ship. Today is the day I ask that you give me strength to be more of a passenger. Thank you Jesus.


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