S'fiso Ncwane – Kulungile Baba (Official Video)

S’fiso Ncwane (April 21,1979 – December 5, 2016) was one of the top South African gospel musician, composer and producer, Ncwane recorded his debut album, ‘Makadunyiswe’ in 2001, produced by Tshepo Ndzimande (an instant favourite stepping into the South African Gospel scene). In 2003 Ncwane released ‘Umkhuleko’ which rose to number one on all South African radio stations. Ncwane featured the late legendary Vuyo Mokoena and Zodwa Twecu on his album, ‘Inombolo Yasezulwini’ and in 2011 went on to release “Baba Ngyavuma” which featured the hit song ‘Kulungile Baba’, a track that went multi-platinum within 16 months of release.

Ncwane released several multiple platinum-selling albums in his career, and eventually started his own label, S’fiso Ncwane Productions. His album Baba Ngyavuma, which featured the hit award winning song ‘Phakama Nkosi yeZulu’. This was his 1st offering from his company “Sfiso Ncwane Productions” which went on to sell more than 70 000 units (Platinum Status). His long term goal is for his company to assist young upcoming artists who he felt to have talent for producing and writing songs.

Ncwane received many awards for his work, S’fiso Ncwane got his 20th award during the Mzansi Gospel Music Awards at Mosaiek Teatro in Fairland (Vicky Somniso-Abraham, the citizen newspaper). In 2013 Kulungile Baba won South Africa Music Awards (SAMA) 19, for MTN record of the year and an AGMA award (a London-based gospel music award). Sfiso’s Album, Bayede Baba won him the South African Music Award for Best Traditional Faith Music Album, 2015.

Most of all Sfiso was a God-fearing man who believed in helping the needy.He opened the S’fiso Ncwane Bursary Foundation. From this foundation he has donated school uniforms to more than 1000 school children and has donated more than R10 000 to local schools in remote rural areas. He recorded an album of which he donated the proceeds to orphaned children in Johannesburg, South Africa.



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  1. Job said, the Lord has given and He has taken. He glorified God in his situation. In his situation, he cried out and said I know my redeemer liveth, whom I shall see for myself and my eyes shall behold not another. Job was a righteous man in the sight of the LORD, but yet the Lord saw it fit for satan to tempt him and during those trials, he never cease to praise the Mighty God. May we, in our distress and difficulties and even in our happiest times, not forget The Lord Our God so that one day we might meet our Maker. It is good to have money and all the things of the world but let us pray for Jesus Christ to live His life in us. That is the Goal to live a Christ-centered life, so that our desires might be secondary and His will primary.

  2. Am still waiting ….its hard ;when just everyone you know is being called mummy and all i do is just weep inside that God you created me a woman kulungile……………….I wanna come right back here and say he has done it am called mummy.

  3. Currently unemployed, no scholarship to further my studies and my family is very dysfunctional….konkhe lokhu kuyalunyakazisa ukholo lwami if I am to be honest, kodwa ke kulungile baba🙇🏽‍♀️

  4. It always reminds me my late Father..he was diabetic and the desease him to blindness..he past away 0n 2011 he called my brother and ask her wife to sing this song for him in his funeral..he was the best father💗💗

  5. Sometimes I feel like giving up on everything…when I look at my challenges and life problems I really feel like giving up…Its my prayer one day God remembers me in this life…Lord Jesus I need your intervention 😭😭😭


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