Setup In The Stronghold | Bars & Battles | Pastor Steven Furtick

Do you escape to security when life gets hard? If you step out of your comfort zone, you might find that God wants to help you face your challenge.


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  1. 4 years later in 2022 and God is still speaking to me through this sermon… thank you pastor Steve for saying yes to Jesus and being a faithful servant to Him…Im just in awe of the deep message and the conviction i received from this. God bless all who come across this video. it was not an accident, but God.

  2. It's 2022. AND THIS MESSAGE IS THE EPITOME OF THE LIVING WORD…My Week was horrible 😪. I asked God to speak and I had plans to go to elevation worship and the tickets weren't available. BUT, this sermon ministered to my brokenness. BLESS YOU MAN OF GOD! PASTOR STEVEN FURTICK🤍

  3. there’s a sermon i’ve been searching for from pastor steven where he references Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego at the end of the sermon. if anyone sees this and knows the sermon name please reply

  4. Thank you God for Steven Furtick ! May God continue to Bless you, keep you & May his face shine upon you! Jesus has changed my life through these Virtual Sermons. I’ve had an amazing Transformation in my life & the chains are broken in Jesus NAME! I’ve been a slave to sin for 20 years NOW I’m not allowing it anymore! I’m evaluating myself & situations. Does this matter? What does this mean? & What will I choose. I’ve always had the power in me it was just blocked. Thank you Jesus! 🙌🏽🙏🏼❤️

    I pray for everyone who is lost & hurting! There is hope! That’s Jesus! Seek him & he will give you peace in Jesus Name ❤️✨

  5. Love it when you guys place small snippets of sermons on Facebook with the full sermon links. Thank you. Sporadically praying for you all. Praying I remember to do it daily. 🙏🏻✝️ Thanks for all you do for the world!

  6. Praise God! Pastor Steven, thank you sooo much for your wonderful teachings about King David! I just love this series 🤩! ✡️✝️ Preach!❤️🙏❣️


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