SECRETS Of HUMILITY! | Prophet TB Joshua

How did Prophet TB Joshua remain consistently humble in all his years of ministry?

When discussing the life and legacy of Prophet TB Joshua, two areas are commonly mentioned – wisdom and humility. Be blessed as you listen to these profound words of wisdom from Prophet TB Joshua about the secret of humility!

‘The Legacy Lives On’ is a program on God’s Heart TV with Brother Chris dedicated to sharing words of wisdom and lessons of life from God’s servant, Prophet TB Joshua.

“Unless we are humble, we will not bow to Jesus.” – Prophet TB Joshua

00:00 – Prophet TB Joshua giving all honour to Jesus Christ
00:18 – Easter greetings and introduction to ‘The Legacy Lives On’ with Brother Chris
01:19 – Prophet TB Joshua on ‘undeserved blessings’
03:32 – Prophet TB Joshua explains attributes of ‘genuine humility’
06:46 – Prophet TB Joshua explains how he is being used by God at Colombia Crusade in 2014
07:38 – Knowing your position in the things of the Spirit
09:12 – True humility means total dependence on God for EVERYTHING
13:03 – Quote from Prophet TB Joshua on the Cross of Calvary

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  1. "Jesus Christ is all the world to me – my life, my joy, my all! He is my strength from day-to-day. Without Him, I would fall." – Prophet TB Joshua

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  2. I love you guys, but you need to STOP making TB Joshua an Idol.

    He did the things he did NOT because of his own strength but rather because it would have been God who empowered him.

  3. For every one how belive that jesus is a god or a son of god. I had a question for you: if god is perfect so how he could be a man, which he need to sleep to eat, to go to the WC ,to ….etc or if god is perfect how he could have a son.
    Jesus was a prophet of god (allah) like moses, ibraham, ..etc

  4. Our Father in the Lord Senor Prophet TB Joshua was so humble, we thank God to be part of this Generation experience what was being like to be with a true Man Of God🙏

  5. Prophet tb Joshua helped usher in the holyghost power of God like I've never seen before!!!! I'm so grateful I ever came across his ministry. 🙏🏾🇱🇷🤍


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