This prayer works so fast its scary!

Would you like to have more miracles in your life? Pray in good faith and with all your heart. Keeping your soul full of harmony and good wishes creates the state in which you can make your prayers heard and miracles happen.

Tips for this prayer to be effective:

Believe with all your heart that what you ask for will be granted.
Take several deep breaths before saying the prayer and your request.
Ask for yourself and also for others.
Say the prayer only once. Put all your attention and feeling in the words you express.
Do not doubt that what you ask for will be granted.

When something amazing and exceptional occurs for which there is no rational explanation, a miracle is said to have occurred .

It is also called a miracle that which, through divine intervention, manifests itself in your life to improve it.

Sometimes, something that simply makes you feel that life has magic and mystery is called a miracle.

Although definitions vary, many religions and cultures past and present have some concept of what a miracle is and recognize miracles as real.

Darius Wallis


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