Schalk Brits biggest regret: His fight with team mate Owen Farrell

Jean de Villiers and Schalk Brits talk about some of the most memorable moments, from captaining their beloved South Africa for the first time, to punching your own teammate Owen Farrell in a matchup between the British and Irish Lions and the Barbarians. Here is this weeks edition of Jersey Tales!

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  1. I met Jean on the way to the bar at the S.A Vs USA match in the 2015 World Cup, 2 weeks after his knee injury. He's such a great guy, really down to Earth & he hung around for a few selfies & quick chat.

  2. I had to stop after going to the airforce in July 1972 ! I played hooker for EP under 20 and also played for Air Force under 20 ! I could not afford to carry on as I was in an apprentice program and just could not afford to play I had no car ! Actually EP under 20 went to play against Rhodesia under 20 in 1972 (we won) but told the organizers before that I cannot go because I did not have money for the Air Ticket and Hotel , they bought my and paid for everything ! Oh I slept in the Kas first night reporting at Valhalla , I was a week late !

  3. Only a left hook, jinne, if you gonna get sent off at least add a jab or 2 and a solid right. Dive in the deep end, haha. Owen not our most loved player here in SA, but still a great rugby player. All in good gest. Thanks for the show.

  4. Redefined the bar for hookers in the Premier League. A man who played so well and so happily.

    I donโ€™t understand this thing that so many appear to have about Owen Farrell. Iโ€™m not a Saracens supporter but when I see OF play, I see a winner; a man who gives everything; a man who has weaknesses but overcomes those with sheer effort. I would compare him to Kevin Keegan. KK admits that he wasnโ€™t the most skilful of players but he more than compensated for that with effort. I would far rather have a man who gives his all than a more skilful player who only shines on front foot ball.

  5. I lost all my respect for jean de villiers after he took a knee for blm, a movement with hate and violent political agenda against everyone who disagrees with them.


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