Sad! Evelyn Joshua BATTLING & EXPOSING Church Leaders To Retain Husband Prophet TB JOSHUA'S Wealth

When a rich and powerful man passes on in Nigeria, it is prevalent for his widow to fight tooth and nail to keep his wealth. Sadly, this has been the reality for Evelyn Joshua, the widow of Prophet TB Joshua, the late founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN). His widow has resulted in battling church members and top leaders of SCOAN over the church finance and who is to take over as the general overseer.
This comes after she fought TB, Joshua’s brothers and the monarch of Arigidi Akoko of Ondo state who insisted that the prophet must be buried in his place of birth and not Lagos. Evelyn Joshua won that battle and laid her husband to rest in the church premises at Ikotun, Lagos.
However, little did the mother of 3 knows that this was only the begging of her battle. While making arrangements for a befitting burial for her late husband, about 15 to 20 top leaders of the church, including prophets and prophetess, were busy looting the church vault with Ghana-must-go bags like covid-19 palliative.
As if that wasn’t enough, these leaders reportedly stood in the way of the late Prophet widow from taking over the church’s affairs and secretly planned a coup to remove her from a place of authority in the ministry. After a few hassles and with the help and support of those loyal to her late husband, Evelyn Joshua was officially named the Chairperson of the SCOAN Board of Trustees and leader of the church by a federal high court in Lagos.

With Evelyn Joshua now running the church’s affairs, she has taken steps to secure the church’s major assets. According to BBC Pidgin, she has evicted disloyal disciples and used Nigeria’s Anti-graft agency, EFCC, to witch-hunt all top leaders responsible for looting the church vault.
Will Evelyn Joshua win this battle despite claims by Church members that late TB Joshua never anointed his wife to succeed him?
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Script: Temitope Taiwo
Voiceover: TCode
Video editor: Noellin
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  1. I'm a south African and I attanded the Scoan outreach in South Africa last week. Wow Mama Evelyn Joshua sent the Evangelist introduced by her to the church (in South Africa we call them the young Prophets) wow the power of God was amazing! Miracles and deliverance was just like breathing.
    everything was free, Scoan rented the most expensive place in South Africa and yet did not even collect offering. Anointing water, anointing stickers, t-shirts and faith bracelets were given to every1 that was there.
    Mama Evelyn Joshua know the heart of our dear father Prophet TB Joshua and above all Mama Evelyn Joshua, the Mother of faith has the heart of God, a heart that loves God and people.
    South Africa loves Mama Evelyn Joshua.

    the prayer of the Prophet our father TB Joshua was answered, TB Joshua said on one of the live services, if he was the one anointing he was going to anoint his wife but he is still praying about it for God to answer him. oh wow the real servant of God was heard and answered. TB Joshua said yet again he will be happy when a woman will do what he is doing and even do it better that him. oh daddy TB Joshua said it all. this makes me believe that the Prophet knew that his wife the chosen one. yes the Prophet said the beginner is not the owner but the finisher. TB Joshua knew what was to come and he said it. those with ears heard. when it happened it was no shock, the Prophet had said it.
    Prophet TB Joshua prayed for his wife in one of the last live services at the prayer mountain in the presence of many people and viewers. I was watching on when the Prophet prayed for his wife n his wife was so happy being prayed for to show that she was not sick.

    all this the Prophet said n did. search the live service recorded videos.

    want to thank Mama Evelyn Joshua for her living heart, We see your God, the God of TB Joshua is alive in you. South Africa will never be the same. Finish this race Mama, you are chosen for it and Prophet TB Joshua was only protecting the finisher until her time comes. TB Joshua said it!
    thank you Jesus our Heavenly Father, all glory to You.

  2. God pls help our mom Evelyn Joshua, she was chosen with a reason from the very first day they met. God knew that she will be the right person to continue with the job after he took the husband home. senior prophet Tb Joshua saw mom Evelyn 3 days before they met for the first time in a vision. Thats what the prophet said. So she was the choose one. I'm very disappointed on those who left Scoan

  3. Everyone has the right to defend his husband or woman whether good or bad.

    This woman has sat on the Throne Judgement of God because it's only Lord God Almighty who locate a soul to either two places Heaven or hell.

    So if you said, he has fought a good job ,how do you know that he's in rest place?

  4. Now everyone is witnessing the blessing of the Lord in the Church. Is becoming stronger and stronger as the church and the leader Pastor/ Prophetess Mama Evelyne Joshua is been guided by the Holy spirit

  5. I share the opinion that she is the right person to lead the church. She has no other life, since at her younger age.She stood by him devoted all her life supporting her beloved husband and the general overseer of the SCOAN, those struggling with her emerged from no where to reap the fruits of what they have no show. The act of the so called disciples is an act of submission to Satan, working with Satan, and his network.

  6. After Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven his followers committed their lives to spreading the gospel. They did not squabble over money, properties or positions. I wonder what kind of gospel did TB Joshua teach his followers. I wonder whether his followers truly love God or mammon. Love God with your heart, mind and soul. Love your neighbor as yourself. Worship God not TB Joshua.

  7. I feel sick hearing all this. It amounts to meaning that all the Prophet did did not find root in those who are contesting leadership position in the church after his demise. So sad!
    The apostles of Christ asked Him who is the greatest among them, and he used a child to teach them a lesson of how it should be amongst them.
    True that the Prophet said it is God that anoints, was their any revelation from any council member of the church to this effect?
    How on earth can anyone be contesting the care of the church with the Prophet’s widow? Why should any close associates of the Prophet be so wicked? Worldly? Well I thank God that some of us who could not have a one to one encounter with him has benefited from his wisdom and teachings and are impacted by them.
    Scripturally, the widow is his second half and has a responsibility to keep the husband’s legacy intact. I will advise ANYONE who has not conducted his or herself to conscience to retrace their steps and do the needful because the Justice of God will start from His house and to whom more is given more will be demanded.
    I am in prayer with SCOAN ; and continue to beg God to lead and inspire as He has done with the Prophet so with his widow; and for her to be docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
    SCOAN is God’s project, and all humankind should endeavor to key in not minding our different religion, religious/denomination differences and affiliations.
    We are humans. To offend is our nature, but to forgive is divine. I pray for the grace of God for understanding, unity, and love, as exemplified by the Prophet to be restored amongst all, genuine love from the heart, in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.

  8. Evelyn is an innocent woman who did not know the depth of her husband involvement with ocultism. She was caged spiritually not to know the spirit controlling her husband, if she knew, she would have killed him herself becos she hates hypocrisy. Leave her alone to eat the frui

  9. All earthly possessions and hard work of the late prophet TB josheou will have to fall in the hands of his family members eg wife ,childrens .
    Now concerning spirituality all sons raised by the late prophet have to move on all over the four corners of the earth and be witness of the gospel .acts 1,8.the spirit will choose some sons to stay and protect the family of the late prophet,family is the church .

  10. I wonder how some humans behave, if the man who was the pillar & founder of the church ⛪️ is no more, is it you that is fighting to take what's not yours will remain there forever? Vanity upon Vanity = Vanity, no human feelings anymore greedy people everywhere lord have mercy 🙏

  11. The man of God produced Disciples for purposely to be the heirs of the DIVINE WORK OF THE LORD. They were equipped to follow and continue the ministry of the Lord as they're being discipled by a man of God. So Evelyn has no Divine authority and
    Power to takeover the ministry. She maybe the wife of the man of God but not discipled to engage such kind of ministry. Remember and think over and over the purpose of Discipleship!!! Jesus Christ our LORD raised up his twelve disciples for a reason that they will soon engage in there master's work!!! Jesus did not pass the ministerial responsibility to any member of his family that is not discipled!!! May God bless us all!!!


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