Ruling By Prayer 2 of 5 – Praying for Our Government

Derek Prince Sermons: Ruling By Prayer 2 of 5 – Praying for Our Government

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  1. Hi brothers and sisters! Please help me pray for my dad. For salvation and fast recovery. He was on life support and treated with remdesivir unnecessarily and now he is very weak and skinny. Please help me pray for him! Thanks so much

  2. Timely and Apt message.I reckon prayers and action culminates good Govt.However this did not happened in US😰🤕😞Not many prayed nor voted (bother to vote),they just relinquished their (spiritual) legal rights over to the enemy.K.H.talked about root cause-Apathy and Indifference,modern day diseases more deadly than C-19.Alas😰😭

  3. Amen
    We need to pray for the church of Christ
    As well as our local body of believers
    As we see the things that are out of place
    Let us pray before we speak
    Let us seek the Lord
    When we speak it will be ‘ thus says the Lord


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