Release That Mistake | Steven Furtick

Don’t be afraid to release what’s in your hands — God’s got you.

This is an excerpt from “The Other Hand.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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0:00 – Release Your Death Grip
2:06 – God Won’t Do That
4:13 – Your Mistake Will Serve A Purpose
6:20 – It’s Time For Restoration
8:52 – The Hand Of God Is On Your Life
11:29 – God Will Restore Your Hand

Scripture References:
Exodus 4, verses 3-7

RELEASE: It’s Time To Let Go Of That Mistake | Steven Furtick


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  1. Pastors Steven and Holly and the Whole Elevation Family 💔. I'm asking with everything in me please pray for a miracle that God will make a way for me to move to my children and grandkids before I loose everything both physically and mentally.I miss so much the fellowship of the Body of Christ, I'm alone and lost my home in California,🙏😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. Its been a month now since my heart lost peace due to my past mistakes. I have been struggling with a lot of stuff in my life and i never wanted to share them with any one, not even my parents or very close friends. I just could not trust anyone. I have been dealing with so much. Last month, july, i entered into prayer and fasting cuz i really needed God to change me, i was tired of my old kind of life, i just did not want to live my life the way it was. God was faithful i saw the change happen in my life even up to date am totally changed and healed. In my old ways or life, i really hurt or disappointed my parents so much. I have been raised by foster parents. They have always been proud of me and they have loved me so so much. And because, i was healed, i was nolonger afraid of talking about my past mistakes, my past life because i am not like that anymore so i decide one morning to call and tell my parents about my past life i did not care what they had to say but i told them all i have been doing in silence. They were so disappointed. My dad never even said a word but my mum did. She was disappointed but still she loves me.

    So what my mum did, she got all the words i spoke and texted to her and sent them to a family friend. Probably to seek help for me because this man is a life coach. I have a lways taken this man that my mum sent my texts and voicenotes to as my mentor and one of my adult friends, i mean i could speak to him anything. But what this man does after reading my texts and listening to my voice notes that mum sent her, he called one of my bestfriends, told her everything and asked her to stop associating with me that am a bad company, am a waste, am loser, am a failure in life, that am hopeless, she even asked my best friend to tell my other best friend that they should stop associating with me. My best friend calls me and tells me all this

    This totally broke me down, i mean i wouldnt expect such words from a person i regarded a mentor to me. i mean even if he asked to talk to me in person i would give him my time than him having to go to my best friends.

    This has really tortured me, my mum calls the next morning i dont know may be to find out how am doing or for something else and i did not pick her up because i was so pissed with her, i did not expect to her to atleast say all that i spoke to her to anyone else.
    Apparently most of our family friends and church friends know all about my past through the person i called a mentor.

    I have been so troubled, i have been having so many suicidal thoughts, i have been thinking about going somewhere but i mean where else can i even go, i switched off my phone for some time and this almost killed me, i was overthinking, but amidst all this, the holyspirit has always been reminding me about my healing and how i have been transformed and that people’s opinions over my past nolonger mattered now because am changed. The holy spirit has always spoken to me that it doesnt matter how people see me, He sees me differently and this has kept me strong though sometimes, because i mean the society i live in is one with people who know my past, sometimes am having to go back to my physical thoughts and sometimes end up getting stressed and depressed again.
    I have really been tortured about what people now think about me. I mean am a leader and i have people who have always been looking up to me. I am a youth leader and a worship leader as well and thinking about how people now look at me as, just kills me. I organise worship circles at my church for the youths, like every end of the month but for last month i felt like not organising it but then the holy spirit told me, this is my thing, and he never asked me to always organise it depending on how i felt, I organised it anyway. I have always been seeing a big turn up and miracles and youth giving there lives to Jesus Christ in all the worship circles, but this one, was so indescribable. Youths came in very many numbers, Over 19 youths gave there life to Christ and we as well experienced instant miracles and guys have been calling me and testifying this whole week and all this happened in the midst of my stress and anxiety and depression.

    But i thank God so much for this sermon. It just came at the right time that i needed to hear words like these. I will no more hold onto my mistakes, I mean, God himself has always spoken to me about how great am going to be but this word, has just been a confirmation.Thank you so much Pastor Steven for this word. I mean i listen to your preachings all the time, since 2018 and everytime i do my life has never remained the same. You inspire me so much. I love your heart and zeal for God. Am sure God is yet to speak in a loud voice that i have found another man Steven, just like David who has a heart like mine. You please God sir and may He richly bless you. Elevation church, i love you so much, Elevation worship, you do me good. My playlist is full of your songs, i love you all so much. Pastor Chris, you are so unique. God bless you. Much love from Uganda

    Am nolonger bound, Am forgiven

    No more limits

    Not a slave to sin anymore.

    Greatness is mine

    Halellujah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you holyspirit

  3. Amen 🙌🏼😭Amen
    I’m sick since 2 years & still running from Doctor to another!! Only the Lord can help me.
    With your Words Pastor you touched my weakness, praise you lord & protect pastor Steven Furtick & his Family Amen 🙏🏻

  4. Pastor Steven furtick you are a great man of god ,you have inspired and touched my life through our lord Jesus ,I have never been closer to god 🙏

  5. All Glory to God almighty for my love story and our testimony giving God almighty all glory for Everything amen ♥️🦋🙏psalm 18 God is my Hero forever hosanna praise God always

  6. 💕🦋💕🙏😀 I reach out of my hand my Jesus help me God to reach next level I need your help to get there make a miracle and lead me to successful life and use me always in 👑 Kingdom my life I surrender all I repent of all my sins I love you I am sorry please make a supernatural miracle today amen 🙏


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