Rediscovering The Principle of Kingdom Commonwealth | Dr. Myles Munroe

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  1. Greetings love ones nuff respect, just a question if in the Kingdom a one owns nothing ,how is it that Mr Myles is saying he owns his own jet or house or whatever, from his teaching to I he owns nothing, but do have access to everything am I wrong kindly inform I, may Jah foriva πŸ™Œ bless.

  2. United States is not a democracy, it's a Representative Republic. Founders of this Great country hated democracy! One heart one vote is a democracy and will always fail due to corruption. Where a representative republic goes, Christianity follows.

  3. Thank u sir, for d kingdom of God in u, that u have transferred to me/to the world with this awesome kingdom of God's culture teaching. Thank u for yeilding yourself totally to
    God's Kingdom, it's righteousness and it's duties(a devoted senior Ambassador of the Kingdom)..

  4. No where in the bible where Apostle, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists are voted in. Boy does every person in the pulpits putting on shows need to hear that.

  5. This message came Precisely at the right time. I am amazed, how did the production team forsee or rather knew that Swaziland is currently going through a political unrest?

    If my people (Swazi's)could lay hold of this session, their perspective and lives would never be the same again.

    Blessed is the name of the Lord, who lives Forever πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΏπŸ™Œ

  6. Wow powerful teaching!!! Lord! You are Lord! You are Lord!!!! Thank You Lord for Your kingdom!! My Spiritual Father nerve disapoint, Great Dr Myles Munroe!! Blessings:::πŸ’―πŸ’–πŸ‘

  7. As i listen in i cant stop to thank God for loving me so much to lead me to such a message,but also thank him for mr. Myles's life and his obedience to God,letting himself be used by God for all our sakes. Thank you lord and my heart misses you sir munroe and my heart and prayer go out to your family. If we miss you this much,it must be tough on them. But glory to God coz we still have you and you live on and on. Bless you sir. Thank you Lord, thank you munroe global. I love you.

  8. It's Pharaoh's Mall run on Caesars Money and the President is the Mall Manager, S/he does not even own it.
    All I heard was give unto GOD what is GODs, Seek him first and receive the gifts of The Lord. Amen, that is a healthy message for our lives

  9. Dr.Myles Munroe completely influenced my life through his Messages and through his Messages only came to know the Message of the Kingdom and from November 2017 I am listening his messages and from that time my life started changing because of the Kingdom

  10. Not true not true more people live above the poverty line in Capitalist country and the opportunity to grow individually .I’m sorry he is not honest .


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