Rediscovering The Kingdom Concept of Authority | Dr. Myles Munroe

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  1. I used to love the authority of the churches, pastors filled with the Holy Spirit. Now pastors filled with lies in their mouth, secrecy in their minds and hands and feet hectic to steal kill and destroy you and blaming God in the process. I respect any authority in Christ that drives out demons, wake up the dead and the sleeping, heals the muté-deaf and blind and any other illmeant. Pastors now like to just grab the title of authority and make you obey slavery orders. I am not having the time of my life. Suffering over suffering, stressed out totally unprotected by those who practise fake authority by answering the prayers of evil by hand. At least I have managed to deliver myself. The church who cannot do it, they pray and pray and nothing, and yet they place themselves over you call themselves authority with no mojo and order you to walk in faith when they can't even interprète la Biblia Española 73 books! Then they poison you and call it Jesus? Yes even the Devil calls himself Jesus with no Christ.

  2. This is a father, a teacher and mentor I knew little of him when he was here. Today he is my Idol.. I know he is in the bosom of our Lord. This is a man the world should hear and learn from him. Dubai city.

  3. Thanks alot for making this possible. I know my mentor rest in the bosom of the Lord almighty. I listen to this always. It is neither teaching or preaching to me but life. God will sustain and embolden the two children he left behind. I love you two. Dubai city.

  4. He is arguably the best teacher that ever lived its shocking how from the grave he is still changing thousands of lives……. continue resting dr much love from Nairobi Kenya……

  5. It's interesting that he talks about authority because you only church that has the authority to teach is the Catholic Church Objectively speaking and historically speaking. Starting with Peter and the apostles until the The church has existed in historical continuity Visa VV laying on hands Appointing bishops.

  6. Glory to God for his man whom he used to touch lives across the world beyond the mountains. .
    It was for His love that a man dedicates his life to make a world a better place.
    Glory to Almighty Father.

  7. Hello…I'm so glad you all have made this channel. DR Myles is my Spiritual Father, 2009,Given by God, and I so grow with his Word. 👋 We are blessed.

  8. Doctor Myles is my AUTHORITY even in death. I owe the changes in my life from his teachings through the Holy Spirit! What a great Leader to learn from that’s why his ministry will last! Glory to God for his authorization and powerful messages to transform lives! I had the greatest leader on earth! Hallelujah


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