RECEIVE SOLUTION!!! | Mass Prayer With TB Joshua

If you are currently encountering a problem which seems above and beyond you, look no further than this prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit with Prophet TB Joshua! There is NOTHING impossible with God.

“Whatever that affliction is in your body – RECEIVE SOLUTION, in the name of Jesus Christ!” – Prophet TB Joshua


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  1. I declare that my house will be bought very quickly and I will be recruited proper job that suits me very much and my life circumstances. In Jesus mighty Name. AMEN 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Amen Amen and Amen,my family is delivered,Tomas,Rebecca,gladis,grace ndinda,Philip maingi,Martin,pater,paul,Joyce,jackline,Jane,betrice my children in Jesus name,are delivered are free,i touch my besiness,my finance,my ministry,children Ashley and Naomi,i confess breakthrough in finance,breakthrough in besiness,breakthrough in marriage,breakthrough in ministry breakthrough im wealth i' Jesus name

  3. I thank God for using Emmanuel tv to save me and my family.I no longer have nightmares,,we forgot sickness , Jesus Christ the great physician has fully resided in my heart and my house.thank you jesus.if you still doubt please believe,the God of T.B Joshua is alive😭😭😭😭

  4. Oh just look at this by just calling his Father's name,see how all darkness is shaken when The Light comes immediately into the scene!!,God is alive and present, no wonder some in the world were jealous of this servant of God

  5. whatever affection from generation curse be brocken in Jesus name,whatever affection from the alter of dirty waters i receive protection,deliverance in Jesus name,any man any woman held against the will of Jesus christ in the alter if dirty waters be free be delivered,avery demonic activities in the alter of dirty waters be be scattered,be destroyed in Jesus name,any pit they dig against people of God let that alter sink in it in Jesus name,no wepon formed against me or my family or friends will succeed in Jesus name,


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