Ravi Zacharias

Dr. Ravi Zacharias Live in Syracuse, NY at North Syracuse Baptist Church Presented by The Mars Hill Network


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  1. When will Ravi Zacharias answer for his intentional academic misrepresentation and recent online affair with Lori Anne?
    Please see the podcast by Christianity Today with Dr. John Stackhouse, a highly respected evangelical thinker, who says that Ravi and RZIM have been lying about his academic credentials for decades. This is by Christianity today! https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2017/december-web-only/ravi-zacharias-case-christian-credential-inflation.html
    Also, please look at the report by Ministry Watch at https://www.ministrywatch.com/articles/rzim.php

    The academic misrepresentation issues are as follows:

    1. Ravi claiming to be a "visiting scholar at Cambridge University" when he was on sabbatical for 3 months at Ridley Hall (a Church of England training center) in the city of Cambridge. Cambridge University has explicitly denied that they ever invited him as a visiting scholar.

    2. Ravi saying that he is lecturer at Oxford University when the university has also denied in an official letter that he was never a lecturer or a professor there at any time.

    3. Ravi claiming on his website that he has been conferred with "8 doctoral degrees" without disclosing that they were honorary. A number of his books (in the backcover) state that he was "educated at Cambridge University." As mentioned earlier, he never studied nor was he ever a visiting scholar at Cambridge University.

    4. Ravi repeatedly saying (you can check various youtube videos) that he studied "quantum physics" under John Polkinghorne at Cambridge University in 1990 when Dr. Polkinghorne stopped teaching Physics in 1979. Additionally, Ravi was never a student or visiting scholar at Cambridge University to begin with.

    5. Ravi declaring that he lectures at universities like Harvard and Yale when all these events were organized by Christian groups and local churches which would rent an auditorium on the university campus to hold the meetings. For instance, one of the organizers for the Harvard event was the Chinese Holy Ghost Fellowship.

    6. Ravi saying that he was the Chair of a Department that did not exist at the institution where he taught in the 80's.

    7. Ravi stating that he won a prestigious international "All Asian Preaching Award" when what he actually participated in was a local preaching contest organized by Youth For Christ (YFC) in India. Steve Baughman spoke to all three judges who were at the competition and they have confirmed that Ravi's claims are false. 

    8. Ravi states that his first book was based on lectures delivered at the Bell Labs in New Jersey but they have absolutely no record of him. He probably spoke to a christian group or fellowship on the Bell Labs campus.

    Secondly, the email issues boil down to the following:

    1. Why did Ravi threaten suicide?

    2. Why does he accuse Lori of betraying him in the email?

    3. Why does Ravi ask Lori to meet with him before disclosing his name to her husband?

    4. Why does Ravi ask Lori if she was going to reveal his name to her husband and plead with her to meet him in person before doing anything?

    5. Why did he not report to the RZIM board when he started receiving the nude picture from Lori? Why did he continue to engage Lori for quite sometime (as he himself admits) till the demand for 5 million?

    6. Why has he nor RZIM denied anything from the emails?

    No one is above the TRUTH, not even Ravi!

  2. What kind of Holy Spirit rapes a young virgin? If that is true, then it cuts off ANY claim that jesus is the son of david. AND, Joseph had no claim to the House of David. AT All, period. So what you are teaching is FALSE.


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