Ravi Zacharias – Where is God in the Midst of Suffering and Injustice

Where is God in the Midst of Suffering and Injustice


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  1. Put his personal failures aside, he sure look tired, worn out, jet lat…Such heavy lifestyle of travelling sure to kill any human in the long term both physically n spiritually.

  2. "Theses 2 men gave God some of His biggest challenges". What???? What does that even mean?

    His quote comes from a man, a good man, but yet a man when Ravi speaks of Faith.

    Ravi speaks from Habakkuk, but in reference to evil in the world. That is not the context. THe context is suffering of the people of God. To co-opt this and port it over into a philosophical one and then apply it to a cultural decay talk, this is not strong bible teaching. He constantly speaks about reason and logic, yet the bible is clear that we cannot get to God through logic or reason, so what's the point of this?

    This is very consistent with Ravi's teaching, and why it is so problematic. "What makes America so unique" is a big part of what he talks about. THAT's his point, not the glory of God. Be careful when embracing this kind of weak teaching.

  3. My dear God told us that he is God and " Vengeance is mine I will repay". We as Christians do not have the right to judge. I know we all are guilty of various sins but God is faithful to forgive our sins. I love Dr. Zacherias and his preaching and that's all we need to remember. Thank you God for this man of God.

  4. One could ask where was God when Ravi was molesting and sexually abusing those women he hired and paid to massage him and one could ask why did God allow it.

  5. Please keep broadcasting these sermons, remember even king David wasn't without sin, he is preaching Jesus Christ and at the end of our days that's what matters because WE are sinners.

  6. 23:58 knowing what we know now .. ravi might have been realer with those words thant the audience thought! he knew his sins! and i guess the first words of our allmighty God might not have been "well done"! guess he said it to cover up and he might thought the audience was expecting that from him! but still ravi was brave .. knowing he was even talking about himself .. he did not dodge the topic and still said it with a conviction because he really knew its the truth! wether he liked it or not! i will allways respect him for his work! he was indeed great and then again just a human as all of us! im not proud of myself eigther!

  7. .why god allows injustices.Outrageous! Aberrant, alarming!!!I just saw a video of Gerardo Amaro that made him do the deadly to my guts, in which he speaks of blood parties that makes the elite and that this is the fate of many of the disappearances that occur in the world daily and that was the final fate of the 43 Mexican students disappeared. They torture them in the cruelest way possible to extract the andrenochrome. This truth is unbearable! (Gerardo is one more traitor, like 99% of the mystery youtubers, but it is not the point but it is true what it is about) inevitably in the act I thought WHY GOD ALLOWS THIS?. The nefarious question that I attacked so much myself. And in the act appeared the pagan and corrupt politicians elected by the people themselves, appeared those who ask to legalize drugs, abortion, euthanasia, in my head appeared Madonna kissing Britney and Aguilera, appeared Miles Circus crouched down and you know what was going on behind…. Janet Jackson appeared with one breast out, mtv's lesbian orgy appeared with the theme of the last supper, and the abortionists celebrating that they can kill their children and the gays destroying bibles in carts, because now they can marry and adopt. The openly satanic rockers appeared on the side of their own adversary. It appeared Lil Nash having sex with satan on a stage? The answer is right in front of our own eyes. We as a whole allowed it. Besides God never said, "INJUSTICES SHALL NOT OCCUR IN THE WORLD". He Himself complains about injustices that occur, to a witch He says: you make alive the one who must die and kill the one who must live. God's work is a living work, like a sport where the ball can have a life of its own, and choose, if it makes the maximum use of its highest freedom, we ourselves are that living work, we can go to heaven or hell by our own choice, he gave us resources and protection: angels. And he gave us perfectly determined obstacles: demons. And consider that in that space, man must triumph in his life and in his ways. Let us wake up! And let's discover that it is we ourselves who have to prevent these injustices, such as bloodthirsty parties, sexual abuse of children to make it mk ultra agent, alien abductions, human trafficking to other planets, and the actions of the elite creating viruses to kill us with the immunity granted by the fact that the world allowed itself to become Sodom to the highest power. Let's do something! The first thing we have at hand!!! evil will triumph if the good guys do not do their job, and as King said the worst of all is not the actions of the bad guys but the silence of the good guys: YOU. Let's get down to work, in the highest holiness put your cry in heaven so that God Yahweh sends an army of terrible angels to prevent satanic meetings in the astral where devil worshipers plan the great tragedies of humanity and sacrifice those dead for the demons. May they prevent all the plans of the New World Order because finally they want the total extinction of the work of God Yahweh: the human being. In the name of Jesus let us ask God for his action because he is waiting for just this to prevent these injustices, if we do not react we suffer from Stockholm syndrome, we are already zombies and who is going to play for some dead matrix sheep? Let's show that we have life, that is to reason well, even under pressure, even against the comfort of the ego. Without sacrificing momentary happiness, let us aspire to something superior: heaven, which is all very well, but that is infinitely superior. The Kingdom by logic must be superior to drugs, sex, status, art and sports that the devil entertains us so much as if we could not be more than giddy children and gluttons for tinsel. But know well that to those witches mentioned above God finally says: "I will snatch away the souls of the witches: I will snatch the souls out of their hands so that they may fly free". And in an eternal present God already punished the devil for all eternity in the lake of sulfur there are already saddled all the injustices he commits in the illusory here and now so that people lose faith, ergo: DO NOT LOSE FAITH. ONLY THINK WITH OBEJETIVITY AND CLARITY, QUALITY THAT HE OBSTACULATES …BUT IF ONE LEAVES: DO NOT LEAVE… LOVE YOURSELF AND LOVE GOD. ALL ENDS IN THOSE TWO POINTS. "Blessed are those who hope in him" Meditate deeply on what is exposed here and only that truth will give you the necessary energy for your actions, do it for yourself and your descendants. Your higher self will be very grateful. INDIGANDOS SAINTLY INDIGANDOS LET US PRAY FOR THIS ATROCITY – STOP IT HOLY FATHER OF THE BLOOD FEASTS AND ALL ITS ABERRATIONS. WE ASK THIS THROUGH JESUS WHO HAS ALREADY PAID FOR ALL MANKIND WITH HIS PAINFUL PASSION. Amen. Shalom Israel. Praise God and Christ the King. So be it and so shall it be.

  8. This Mans wife is suffering from one of the worst cases of defamation I may ever see in my lifetime. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Whatever the reason people have to ruin his character, thankfully will only be a blip on this mans eternal experience. He brought so many to Christ and that work cannot be undone by the evil that is being spread about him.

  9. Every word this great man uttered were the choicest words. It could have come only if the Holy Spirit inspired him. It is hard to believe those accusations thrown at him.

  10. What a brilliant defender of the faith. Now he is with the Lord after serving faithfully his call.
    I cherish his teachings, wisdom and sense of humor.

  11. I used to have breakfast once a month with a man that was one of General George Patton's tank commanders. He was at one of the camps; he just said, "skin and bones". I said to him if it seemed like he was witnessing the effect of the first sins; he didn't answer in words, but agreed.

  12. Thank you precious brother for the ministry that you did and all the lives that you have touched through your obedience and through your sacrifices. I’m grateful for your life and for the ministry that you did. I was heartbroken to hear that you have passed on to be with the Savior the joyful that you are in his presence. I pray that many will take up the challenge to continue the work that you have started and have done so faithfully over the years. May God watch over your family and your grand children as well. Thank you is not enough to Say how I feel about you and your work. Rest in peace dear brother.


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