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Our beloved apologist Ravi Zacharias joined the Lord Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Ravi announced in March that he was diagnosed with cancer; two months later he passed away at the age of 74. Ravi Zacharias was known worldwide for his work through Ravi Zacharias Internation Ministries (RZIM).

Ravi was born in Chennai, India, on Tuesday, March 26, 1946. At the age of 17, he attempted to commit suicide by swallowing poison. While in the hospital, a Christian worker brought him a Bible and told his mother to read from John 14. When his mother read John 14:19 “Because I live, you also will live,” Ravi felt something deep within his core that turned him from Atheism towards Christ. As a result, Ravi Zacharias became a born-again Christian and promised God that he would leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of Truth. 30 books and 48 years later, and Ravi has joined his savior in Heaven. Though we may count this as an immediate loss, Heaven has gained an incredible angel.

We ask that you pray for Ravi’s family during this time.


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