Ravi Zacharias Testimony,Tribute and Thank You

Ravi Zacharias Testimony and Tribute and Thank You.


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  1. Lord, raise up more like Ravi. The story you left behind has now a legacy. I don't care the allegations on Ravi. I know he's in heaven laughing at our folly. What has gone wrong to the church?

  2. he went to the Most militant Nation in the World and tell them about God the Lord Jesus Christ and he present them with the Father love , and they had no doubt that he was speaking the truth ,some of them he change while some choose to be slave to tradition ,the lord was with him , see you one day when my Journey end brother ,

  3. And fenatic christian's point fingers at Muhammad. What a shame……..that they give tribute to such a vicious and sexually sick person who pretended as a Righteous person while he was not indeed. May GOD Punish him in hell forever.

  4. Pity his own church has now disowned him. How quickly the mighty can fall but at least he died before he had to face up to his double life. Don't waste your tears on this hypocrite.

  5. Such a liar. All his life, full of lies. Hypocrite. God help restore ravi's many sexual abused victims, and may God restore ravi's wife and all the good children. I trully respect ravi's children himself ini RZMinistry , that respectfully open candidly about their father deceitfulness. Lord, have mercy on us.. Heal the family, heal the Victims..

  6. 10 months on and some sad truths have come out about this enigma of a man, who actually had a secret life. May be this is always the case that mankind, both male and female, will always let us down, where Jesus NEVER will let anyone down! All praise to Jesus, not to Ravi, but prayers to his family being rocked by the turn of events. But, maybe Ravi did repent before he died, and truly saw the face of God’s love, Jesus Christ! 🙏🙏🙏

  7. From what has now been revealed I whole heartedly hope and pray that Mr Zacharias made his peace with God. Our Heavenly Father is All forgiving and full of ❤️. Many including myself have been quick to judge – we have all sinned and fallen short. In God’s eyes sin is SIN irrespective of what or who. All we need to do is ask forgiveness and our Heavenly Father will Gladly Forgive as was the case of one of the men strung up beside Jesus – who asked for mercy – He was instantly forgiven – no questions asked. “For by Grace are we saved through Faith and that not of ourselves it is the Gift of God…….”. May God’s peace that passeth understanding be the comfort that dwells in the heart of Mrs Zacharias, their children and grandchildren as well as with those who claim to have been abused by him. There are 3 sides to any story – the victim’s, the perpetrator’s & the Truth.

  8. Here's a contrast worth thinking about. Everyone is wringing their hands and melting down about Ravi's sexual sins, and yet hardly anyone comments about Max Lucado when he calls upon the LGBT to forgive Christians for the "hurt" they have caused them I've said it before and I'll say it again: Satan is very "good" at what he does

  9. God knew Ravi Sir even b4 he was born – God gave him to this world as his messenger of God's love for man. Psalms 139 – very clearky says God knows each of us while we were just an embryo in our mothers womb. God knew Moses David Jeremiah Solomon n all whom He had destined to stand for His Cause. Is there anything that was an unrevealed secret to this Great God . God needs no Counsellor no Advisory Committee to congregate n to advocate to Him about how evil n flawed our fellow human beings are. Is there any dark secret hid from THIS GREAT OMNIPOTENT N OMNISCIENT GOD. No – we can only bow b4 His Greatness- as humble weak n insignificant mud vessels – for He is the only Great all time Judge b4 Whom we are all going to stand on that Great Day to be judged ourselves.


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