Ravi Zacharias Q & A- Marriage in Heaven

Ravi Zacharias Q & A- Marriage in Heaven


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  1. Ephesians 3:14-15[14]For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,[15]Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,In Afterlife.. Mansion is prepared for us by the Son of Man.. where FAMILY worshipping FATHER..

  2. In Luke 20:36 Jesus states one of the reasons for no more marrying is because the saved resurrected can’t die anymore but will be like the angels in heaven. The contrast to angels is not sexual desire, He contrasted mortality with immortality. Marry meant the male proposing for the woman to be his wife and being given in marriage meant the father giving her to the proposer. It’s customs to be married, not marriage itself. Adam and Eve were married without marrying or being given in marriage. The reason for the Sadducee's question was that the levirate law required a woman to marry the next oldest brother of her husband if he died without children. They thought if the woman hadn’t fulfilled the purpose of that law, she would still need to be married to all the brothers or they’d be sinning. If she did that, she and the men would commit polygamy which is also a sin, so to avoid sin, God wouldn’t resurrect everyone forever. They thought all of God's laws would be needed in a renewed world, not knowing that the reason for recreating is to restore creation to before those laws were needed. Keeping marriage does not contradict Jesus’s answer to the Sadducees because the woman they asked about is only required to marry any of those men with the levirate law. The law ending does not forbid her from being married to a different man. It's a false dilemma. Jesus’s mention of not being able to die would make no sense unless he only meant legal customs to marry because death is not a reason for marriage. It says in Revelation 20:6 that those who are awakened in the first resurrection won’t suffer for eternity. These are the same people in the prophecy in Isaiah 65:17-25. If Jesus said that those worthy to attain the age of the resurrection won’t marry or be given in marriage and are also said to continue being married and reproducing, that’s proof that Jesus only meant legal marriage customs will be gone. Would any of the people who heard Jesus answer been amazed at it if he meant sexuality would be eliminated? I’m pretty sure Jews had as much sexual desire as most other people, so would have despaired if that was the context.
    At the beginning of creation, God said for us to be fruitful and multiply with no indication it was to ever stop. There would need to be a bigger earth to fit all physical beings that have ever lived by the time of the resurrection. God expands the entire universe. doing the same to any planet shouldn't conflict with his plans. Marriage was the only thing God said is not good to be without before creating it. After Eve was made and brought to Adam, it says for this reason shall people be united with a spouse to become one flesh. Jesus repeats this in Matthew 19:4-5 and Mark 10:6-7 and Paul does in Ephesians 5:31. “For this reason” means it’s the only reason. Reproduction and representing God’s relationship are not reasons stated anywhere in scripture. If gender remains, so does marriage. If Jesus’s answer meant no one will be married, then it contradicts us being male and female being the reason for marriage, and God's promise to restore all creation in Acts 3:21 and 24:15, 2 Peter 3:13, Romans 8:20-23 and 32 and other prophecies. After God made marriage, He called everything very good. The beginning conditions of the creation don't need improving because God doesn’t change.
    Many Christians have claimed that something unspecified would be needed to make life better forever and would also make sexuality useless, ignoring the fact that marriage was something needed for creation to not be missing anything good. It's contradictory and more akin to Buddhism than Christianity. If having something better is a reason to eliminate sex, it's a reason to eliminate everything God made, and we should all just feel God's presence, getting joy from that and never doing anything else for eternity. If simply having a sinless relationship with God makes marriage useless, then God would have had no reason to create gender and sex, because God had the kind of relationship with Adam and Eve that people will have with Him in the renewed creation. If God eliminated sexuality then the distinguishing shapes of the gender's faces, body shapes for sexual attraction, parts used for sexual pleasure, and reproduction would all be wasted. Gender having other functions is no reason to get rid of any of them. They're all part of what makes us the genders we are and God doesn’t create anything expendable. The human female figure is shaped the way it is to fit babies during birth, and sperm, egg cells, and wombs are used only for reproduction.
    If Jesus’s answer to the Sadducees meant no one will be married anymore, no one can be married to Jesus as a replacement. God is described as a husband to people in Hosea 2:7, Isaiah 45:5, Jeremiah 31:32, Ezekiel 16:8, and other Old Testament texts. That didn’t replace marriage either, because they’re analogies just as the wife of the lamb is in Revelation. They are different types of relationships that fulfill different desires. If marriage is a representation of Jesus’s relationship with the church, then people would have to have sinned so Jesus would have to redeem us. God is not going to create something that requires what He hates.
    If you are made unable to care about something you're passionate about, it's manipulation of free will. Sin is a selfish way to try satisfying a desire, that makes us less satisfied afterward. Removing sin doesn’t manipulate free will. That's not the same as removing a basic desire for any sensation. They think that since they don’t think of the joy that would be gone from losing that passion for eternity, that wanting to keep something God said wasn't good to be without is the problem. They're so obsessed simply with being eternally satisfied that they don't know it's only hopeful because it's by restoration of all God made, not a replacement for any of it. That would make anything God made for us irrelevant. There's a book all about the joy of sexuality: Song of Songs, and doesn’t imply that marriage is useless without reproduction. There’s no bible book devoted to the joy of any other creation. Heaven isn’t the final destination, it’s the renewed earth. The only thing that needs to be gone is what sin did.

  3. The verse in Matthew is specifically addressing the question based on Moses' Law and at the moment of the Resurrection whose wife will she be?
    The marriages in the next Life will not be based on Moses' Law. Jesus is saying that there will be no death, so there will be no need to marry one's brother.
    Scripture also says this, in Isaiah 60:
    "Then all your people will be righteous;
    they will possess the land forever;
    they are the branch of My planting,
    the work of My hands,
    so that I may be glorified.
    22The least of you will become a thousand,
    and the smallest a mighty nation.
    I am the LORD;
    in its time I will accomplish it quickly."
    So, obviously, there will be people having children.
    I am of the opinion that there is no marriage or anything material in Heaven, as there we are just spiritual bodies. There we are like the angels.
    But on the New Earth, we will be our resurrected glorified bodies and some will be married to their eternal partner and procreate.
    Not all will have achieved the same level of glory or rewards, so some will not. And the Father honors free will. Not at will want to have families. Some will wish to only be priests and priestess of the Living God.

  4. Ravi’s speaking in the scripture how “those raised would be like the angels”. Angels are A-sexual, neither male nor female in the form we see sexuality while here on earth. Hence the pain Mormans have when little God doctrine is debunked.

  5. I have just typed what I had to say & notice there is already a thumbs down on my post. That’s impossible! Just finished it, They are putting that on there, Now they are even trying uptown control us on sires like this, of course threes are. It’s a site about Jesus. I will never post a comment on one of these sites again,

  6. I want so badly to be with everyone that I loved here in heaven including my wonderful husband & mother. I want to relate to the them the same way I did here. My mom believed that we were not going to know each other in the same way. That if we did ego would enter into it. In other words, your my husband, your my mother etc, There is no place for ego in heaven. Then It wouldn’t be heaven. ,We might as well remain in this evil world. Although;, I want desperately to know everyone as they were here, on a purely analytical basis; this makes sense to me, The belief I have in my Jesus knows whatever comes it is so much greater then what this life is here! All for Jesus! I

  7. Neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man in the Lord (1 Corinthians 11:11). Woman was taken out of man, for this reason, shall a man leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife that they become one flesh [again] (Genesis 2:23-24). Therefore what God has joined together, let no man put asunder, (Mark 10:9). All commandments and teachings God gives are of eternal and spiritual import and nature. Thus, looking at these doctrines with an eternal/ spiritual perspective, marriage is an eternal principle. In fact the entire over-arching narrative of the Bible is about marriage being an eternally applicable principle. Jesus Himself tells of parables of marriage where He is the groom and the church, his bride, and that our marriage to Him will be eternal.

    We should not compartmentalize the Godly appointed institution of marriage one to another, separate from the Godly inspired principle of marriage to Him. those are one in the same principle applied to multiple situations. and God Himself declares that it is an holy institution, and that no philosophy of man can undo the eternality of the principle of marriage. I love Ravi's insights but on this topic specifically He is espousing an idea that is simply not found in the word of God.

    The only place people turn to when trying to say that marriage is not an eternal principle is Matthew 22:23-30, about the man who had a wife and die and his brother's also take her to wife, and in the resurrection whose wife is she??? But most do not fully understand the context or the meaning of the doctrines Jesus is teachings. the entire premise is based on the existence of souls in the eternal world, which the Sadducees did not believe in, in the first place. that is one issue that they were trying to stump Jesus on. the other is that according to the law of Moses she technically would still be the first mans wife any ways because the only reason the law allows the brothers to marry his wife is to "raise up seed unto him" (Mark 12:19, Deuteronomy 25:4-5) and that is one reason as to why Jesus tells them that they don't understand the scriptures, because the answer is written in their own law of which they likely have memorized.

    Secondly, Jesus answers their question about the resurrection, saying that once people are resurrected then no marriages can be performed. Notice Jesus doesn't say no marriages will exist, just that none will be performed after the resurrection.

    The Greek word for “marry”, used by Christ in this context (Matthew 22:30) is “Gamousin”, meaning the action of performing a marriage ceremony. Christ specifically uses the word indicative for the action of getting married, and not the word “Pantremenos”, which is indicative of the state of being married. so while in English we have one word, in Greek they have two words to differentiate between the action and the state of being and Christ used one and not the other.

    Ultimately this entire argument comes down to the authority to act in the name of God so that those actions will be recognized and accepted by God. God Himself married Adam and Eve and we are taught that, that which God joins together let no man put asunder. And we find that Jesus also gives this power and authority to His disciples. Matthew 18:18 teaches that the apostles are given the power to bind things both on Earth and in Heaven. this would include the authority to marry, baptize, etc. and have those actions binding even in that Heavenly realm, just as God Himself performed those actions before using that same power and authority. and going back to the story of the brothers and the wife, this is all done in the context of the Mosaic law, or the "lesser law" the law that did not grant the power to bind on Earth as in Heaven. Christ is the one that brought that higher law and authority with Him. Thus those following the Mosaic law would not have had that authority, therefore, any marriage that they performed would not have been binding in God's eyes, because it was not performed by the power and authority of God. So those who married the woman would not have still been married to her in the resurrection anyway because it was not done properly, God's way. The entire question from the Sadducees was built on false assumptions, and presumed incorrect doctrines right from the start. Christ knew that and that is why his answer emphasized, "ye do err, not knowing the scripture nor the power of God". They didn't have the power of God, therefore they didn't know by what power marriage could perpetuate beyond the grave, and they didn't know the scripture or their question would have already been answered. But Christ goes on to say that once they are resurrected, they can't then be married by the proper authority of God, it's too late. their marriage should have been done and consecrated by the power of God before their resurrection.

    And we cannot forget what must have been being taught in order for the Sadducees to even conceptualize that question in the first place. This one is reading between the lines. Jesus has to have already been teaching about the validity of marriage existing in Heaven, or the Sadducees, wouldn't have even thought to ask about it in the way they did. they didn't ask will they be married in Heaven. They asked to whom will she be married in Heaven? which pre-supposes that, according to what Jesus had been teaching, marriage will exist in Heaven. Marriage in Heaven must have been a topic of discussion during a lesson by Jesus, in order for the Sadducees to think that they needed to or even could pin Jesus down on that idea.

  8. Mark 12:25 “When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” NIV

    Praise the Lord a soul is saved and in Heaven with the Lord. God forgive us for being so fleshly, humans we always want more

  9. .. The whole idea is preposterous. Jesus Himself answered the (hypothetical) question put forth by Pharisees. What about those who legitimately re-marry after a spouse dies young? How would THAT work out in eternity?? The question here is ABSURD.

  10. In studying some of the Greek nuances of Scripture, presented by Dr. Spiros Zodhiates, I have been encouraged by the study, plus all the experiences of those people that have been pronounced medically deceased but yet, have returned to this life. I know that heaven holds the greater bliss in the presence of Jesus Christ, my eternal Savior. This excerpt and response, I found, was excellent!

  11. Talking about those who are chosen to rule with Jesus in heaven the Bible says at Revelation 20:6 '……they will be priests of God and of Christ and will rule as kings with him for a 1,000 years.' Only a few are chosen (Luke 22:29, 12:32).
    The rest of humanity will live on this earth under paradise conditions which this government or kingdom of God will reestablish. This was God's original purpose which the Devil interrupted but through the ransom paid by Jesus will come to fruition. (John 3:16).
    People imagine heaven to be some small room where all loved ones now dead meet and greet. Billions have died. Even on earth we hardly meet due to distances.
    The resurrection of Lazarus incident shows what Jesus would do to all those who have died (John 11:17-44).
    Psalms 37:11,29 show that the meek shall inherit the earth and live FOREVER on it. Jesus stressed it too at Matthew 5:5.
    John 3:13 in which Jesus states that no one has gone to heaven. Heaven was never a destination for humans.

  12. What a fabulous answer. "I promise you once you are in the eternal presence of the living God . . . marriage is not the focus." Everything melts in the light of God's presence.

  13. I lost my soulmate in a similar way it was horrible also….my hope is that my relationship with my beloved soulmate will continue in The after life. I know it will be different than what it was here.

  14. Am I the only one who understands it clearly? No, you won’t be married. What does that mean? Exactly that. You people are overly emotional and thinking of a fleshly desire and want. In heaven we’re married to Christ. Eternal Life isn’t about our relationships here on earth. It’s about a new life a pure and perfect life….Worried about loving ONE person, ONE relationship, ONE fleshly aspect is childish and irrelevant. You go to heaven and you’re worried about a wife/husband? Give me a break why is THAT an issue or thought? You’ll be in the same common same believing and loving family/relationship with everyone. Enjoying heaven. Who cares about a marriage that is full of evil and sin here on earth? Even the happiest marriages are a horror thought when compared to relationships with our fellow sister and brothers and our God our Lord in heaven.

  15. I am sorrowful that I no longer have my husband of nearly 54 years with me physically here on earth and I keep trying to trust that God has something even better in store for me once I get to Heaven. That knowledge doesn't stop my heartache nor how much I miss him, but I really try hard to have faith in what Jesus said. Some days are easier than others and your message today has made this one of the less hard days. Thank you very much. Diane in North Carolina

  16. Speaking on eternal marriage,but not as defined by the Mormons who think the ones who have gone through death can still be married to each other,that is not how Jesus defined it to the Sadducees in luke 20:35.
    This seems to indicate there is no more marriage in the resurrection,because if there was,the question of who of the 7 husbands who married the widow would win out to be at least one chosen husband. If it was eternal,then Jesus would likely said they all were to be her eternal husbands or at least the first husband was. The idea of just the past tense,as 'no longer marrying or being given in marriage' ,as if it applied only to the future,but former married partners on earth keeping their marriages,makes no sense,since Jesus said the widow seemingly wont have any of the husbands,since he replies that her and all the resurrected no longer marry. but supposedly no longer married either,since he answers the Sadducees with a answer to who will she be wife to of all her former husbands. Jesus answer is that she as representing the resurrected, will have no marriage. So as angels are spirits,so those through resurrection had become spirits too,and then once resurrected,still are weaned from sexual desires since becoming bodiless,and once getting a new body,are still to remain in a celibate state of mind. The answer is not just about levirite marriage,its about all people, as jesus says ":the children of this world marry",and those worthy to obtain that world no longer marry,is a open idea whether just the resurrected will no longer have marriage,while the raptured saints might still have marriage,but then if He says those But those who are considered worthy of taking
    part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage,luke 20:35. In greek translated "those considered being worthy to the age world that which is to be obtained and the resurrection which is out from the dead,neither marry nor are given in marriage". still this passage might still refer only to the resurrected "
    36for they cannot even die anymore, because they are like angels, and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.". If this passage speaks on those only who have died and are in need of resurrection,it must be relating mainly,if only to them in this context of marriage. Because if they cant die anymore,these people have already been through that transition out of their body and the spirit state of existence just as angels are spirits. These people are the Sons of the Resurrection. Well,if the unique generation of living christians who will still be alive and raptured up never to experience death, they are possibly its believed, still able to be married. since this passage speaks on the resurrected only. the only problem is the part where says:those considered being worthy to obtain that age world AND the resurrection",and yet it might not be stating those(As in the raptured mortal saints AND the resurrected saints from the grave),instead may be referring to only in this passage speaking on Resurrection "those resurrected spirits of these saints who are worthy to obtain that age world(Heaven) and then the resurrection,will not marry". The spirits have already obtained that age and world,and a gap of time awaits till the Resurrection day. Then ,the raptured mortal saints also will obtain that world,and yet,this passage is speaking only on the resurrected class. If the mortal raptured saints continue to be married,its possible. i am not sure,but it is our wish in many ways. We as the mortal saints will also become physically immortal on the same resurrection day. Its just i wonder,if we might still be able to be married.

  17. Anyone who is actually saved, won’t be worrying (here or there) about seeing their earthly wife/husband there, but will have eyes/thought/desire only to see Christ! There will only be one relationship there, the believer with Christ. Earthly relationships are rich and wonderful – on earth, but all related to reproduction and lineage. Family structure won’t exist there, well have something far better. Mormons (men) have used this doctrine (celestial marriage) to justify polygamy and to keep earthly wives ‘in line’ (early on, to accept another woman wed to her husband , etc) because only the husband knows her celestial name and can/will call her to resurrection and marriage IF SHE PLEASES HIM! Abominable doctrines invented by immoral and ungodly men to facilitate and justify perverted behavior ‘in God’s Name’. They don’t tell you this at your front door, of course…


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