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The popular author and Christian teacher was known for his work through Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), which focused on apologetic arguments for the existence of God and the reasonableness of Christianity. He preached in more than 70 countries and authored more than 30 books in his 48-year career, teaching Christians to engage with skeptics and arguing that the Christian worldview has robust answers to humanity’s existential questions.

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  1. Ravi Zacharias its blasphemy what these westerners are accusing u of now wen u r dead and not here to defend urself. I love you Ravi Zacharias for the love with which u shared the Bible and Jesus Christ our Lord The westerners hv never liked Asians to be better than them and u are an Asian and God has used you mightily and these Westerners are truly filled with frostbites about it. RIP Ravi Zacharias. I thank you and for whatever they r accusing you and RZIM of now they should hv brought it against you wen u were alive to defend urself and not wen u r no more.. What a sad note to the most beautiful messages i hv ever heard in my whole life. Ravi ur english is impeccable that will put a white man who spoke english to shame and u knew the word and dispensed it with fear of the Lord in mind. Ur messages brought life to the living words of God. RIP Ravi. We will meet in that land far beyond Jordan together with all who will rise up wen the Lord Returns and sets all things right

  2. I was wondering why your videos have loud, repetitive …and annoying musical chords, drum beats, etc. at the end of many of your videos. Is there a reason or is someone hacking your videos??

  3. Bless his soul and his family. He was used tremendously. May Ravi’s presentations continue to bless many who are in confusion and also the so called Christians who are yet to experience the internalization of God’s Devine love and a true relationship with Christ.


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