Ravi Zacharias is Amnon — Who Are You In The Story? || 2 Samuel 13

2 Samuel 13 can be found here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=2%20Samuel%2013&version=NIV

The Miller and Martin report into Ravi Zacharias’s sexual abuse can be found here: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/rzimmedia.rzim.org/assets/downloads/Report-of-Investigation.pdf

Lori-Anne Thompson’s victim impact statement is here: https://loriannethompson.com/2021/02/08/lori-anne-thompson-victim-impact-statement/

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  1. Ravi Zacharias ' sad and hypocritical life is a reminder to all in ministry. It is possible to be effective and win many, yet in the end, hear the words of our Lord say, " Depart from me, l never knew you."

  2. Ravi Zacharias was not Amnon. You will give an account for despising someone that had the anointing of God on him. Very likely you also despise David and Samson, and even Salomon. You seem to be just a woman pleaser with no mercy who does not any idea of how to judge these sensitive issues.

  3. Gosh I had alot of respect for Ravi loved his teachings and I have sorrow in my heart but I have to let it all go I haven't listen to him since but I just let it all go it was so not what I would ever imagine but I have to forgive him and pray for his victims his family also gosh his wife his kids 💔

  4. Thanks for bringing this whole story back to contrasted with Christ Kingdom. I really like how you point out that he is building his kingdom right now, and how it is fundamentally different than the kingdom of this world. Of the increase of his government there shall be no end. I choose to be an optimistic believer.

  5. I am ashamed how my judgement of character of Ravi failed. I thought I am great in judging people and I thought Ravi was almost an angel. He was a great speaker and he was extremely gifted in teaching, preaching and convincing people. this gift became his curse. I think we chritians felt we had to defend Ravi as if we would defend Christ (God doesnt need our defense btw). I am so sorry. but I now realise once more… i follow Jesus not Ravi or any other preacher. Ravis books are still worth to be read…. they brought me clsoer to God

  6. Oh how I wish I had known an American Snipper if he was alive. Whatever, whichever way you attempt to portray from the Holy Writ…none of these characters travelled across the globe preaching, teaching, et al…256 days in Bangkok…

  7. All the criminals in the bible fits Ravi. Not just Amnon only. Except murder this sex addict didn't commit but committed every sin in the bible .is it possible to obliterate Ravi Zacharias's name from the web.The criminal creep didn't have capability to utter the name of GOD.

  8. Glen, you have done a great job as an effective APOLOGIST for the victims of Ravi. You passionately defended the victims while angrily and bitterly condemned The Sinner Ravi. I must say that in the process you have earned the appreciation of the women who are victims and their sympathizers. Now you need to be cautious as a Man of God because he who thinks he stands must make sure he does not fall…..genuine appreciations from our sisters must not lead you to become another Ravi (or another Amnon). Often a man who vehemently condemns another might be found doing the same. God protect you! Your analogy of Amnon is just marvellous while few things are not fitting. But you are a good exponent!

  9. The Canadian Medical Association FORCED ALL Dept-Head DOCTORS to sign NDA's in April 2020 to Not speak against the government narrative Re: COVID-19……. Ontario Canada currently has the Most Tyrannical Abusive "Health Rules" in all of North America because Canadian doctors are Not allowed to tell the TRUTH !!!! -that's what NDA's a for …. to Oppress victims & HIDE TRUTH !!!!


    God sees everything!
    Everything starts and finishes with HIM!
    I pray for the victims!!!

  11. Nexus of evil is pretty spot on. The Enablers and Abusers have this symbiotic relationship for abuse to continue. The Spiritual Community is a prime hunting ground for these predators. This Ravi found the perfect hunting ground. Like Harvey Weinstein, he found the Entertainment Industry to finance his rape factory.

  12. Wait a second…..let me get this straight. You are comparing the Biblical story of Amnon raping his sister Tamar, to Lori Anne Thompson being solicited to send nude pics on her phone by Ravi Zacharias? Please, tell me you are just kidding. You are comparing the biblical story of a rape of a young virgin who was deliberately deceived and then physically cornered by her rapist, to Lori Anne Thompson, a mature woman who was solicited to send nude pics, on her phone? And now, we should be advised by Ms. Thompson, a very confused woman, who seems to believe that she is in a position to be advising and teaching the rest of us? Come on. Tell me you are just kidding, because you must think that we are all stupid and ignorant of the Scripture you refer to, which has nothing to do with the kind of sexual solicitation that Ms.Thompson was subjected to by Zacharias and which has nothing to do with the kind of consent that she knowingly granted to Zacharias. Nor does the story of David and Bathsheba compare with this because Bathsheba could not refuse the king. There is absolutely no comparison here to these Scriptures. I loathe Zacharias for what he did to women, but I am not going to be advised by a woman who was in no way forced into participation in this sin.

  13. Never heard of you before. But I will watch you now. So many many Zacharis commentaries! I saw your Amnon reference and wanted to hear how you put him and Ravi together… For there is a correspondance. You did such excellent work! Thank you. May RZIM become another word for cesspool.

  14. What about Ravi being interviewed by Indian Airforce and rejected? Ravi was never close to being interviewed and he was never a pilot in the first place yet people believed his garbage. I am an Indian and always have questioned the story. He left to Canada in the 70s and, India in 70’s was very nationalist country – post colonial rule Indians were very paranoid being reinvaded by foreign powers. They did not even trade much with west for this very reason up until late 90s. This guy left to Canada and then was interviewed to defend India, what a joke. People so blindly believed his garbage. Now these idiots look back on people who called it out then with a sheepish look.

    Here is my thing. Ban all forms of religion from any civilized society. Stop organized religion. All religion lead to abuse and war. It is has no moral worth and has no love for the creator. Religion makes God powerless and mortal men stronger than eternal God by pretending to defend God as if He (God) is so meek and powerless taking all credit to human prowess in doing that.

  15. I am one of those victims in college, a virgin,on scholarship, my rapist was one of the most high profile students and athletes, the rest of my college days were laced with so much abuse because I was unwilling to tell anyone about the continual rape. I married my rapist, only to get abused for 9 years. I lied for him, over and over until my sisters saw a bruise on my body. My own parents could not be told until I was in a safe place because they along with 100% of the church of which I was a choir director, soloist, on and on. No one in the church, ever reached out to me. They were my neighbors in a church less than 50 families. This has followed me my whole life. Every time I get involved in a fellowship ANYWHERE, the spirits that lived thousands of years, still reside in the churches people to abuse another victim over and over. Since then, 45 years later, I have finally learned about this spirit. The safest place is to stay away from leadership….that is my thought in the end.

  16. Speaking as a massage therapist I have also experienced being groomed by a client. It started off with little tests and when I could no longer give him the benefit of the doubt. I told him that it was beyond my professional realm to continue with further sessions. The loss of revenue was definitely a moment of delay and denial at what was happening. I had a choice to continue in this morbid transaction or end it. So you comparing Ravi with raping someone is not correct. Many clients from all over the world are not fully clothed when they have massage sessions, it's not seedy, it's just preference. Also in developing countries, massage parlors, do go the extra mile. Coming from that part of the world, there are young women who willingly do things to make money. That is survival. Unfortunate, if that is what took place in this case. Very sad.

  17. Thanks for this 💜 It is so hopeful that we are more reflecting on this type of issues and problems afflicting our daily life. I really appreciate your words from min 40 puff so necessary!


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