Ravi Zacharias Exposes Mainstream Christianity

Everybody is talking about the Ravi Zacharias sex scandal, but most of them don’t realize that they themselves have been exposed as hypocrites. While the revelation of the depth of his corruption has been rightfully shocking, many in the evangelical world have sat silently for years as Ravi deceived people and apostatized before our eyes. You are witnessing Christian virtue signaling.

Apostasy Report on Ravi Zacharias – https://youtu.be/GZDITwhAOns
See: https://servuschristi.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ServusChristiOfficial/

May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


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  1. Writing this on August 2022 I listened to Ravi’s testimony or so called conversion I suggested you all listen to it no repentance no mention of sin oh and he lied about something in it too he waited for someone to die before he mentioned him so not convinced he was ever saved however ONLY God ultimately knows that thank you again Josh

  2. I by chance came across the video where he was speaking in the morning church I didn't even know who he was I listened to a maybe 10 minutes and I was nauseated.
    The stiff neck elite self-righteous are embarrassed because that's what THEY are!
    And they're in every building calling itself a church.
    I'm leaping inside about the content of this podcast!
    If I may say so, bravo!
    God is smiling on us, HIS children.
    When Jesus said straight is the gate and narrow is the way few be there to find it.
    That's a scripture that the majority does not take seriously ⚡

  3. Folks all these preachers are like this. Question Mr Chavez as well. Don’t believe and don’t worship.
    Just live and enjoy your life here on Earth
    Peace out ✌️

  4. RZIM ought to no longer exist… I have always been confused when considering these huge "global ministries"… as I have found that nowhere and at no time did Jesus mention people become fantastically wealthy off of donations from accolades… where have we been taught that this was to be a part of being a Christian?

  5. I will have to look at the claims about Ravi, because the only claims I had seen was that he was giddy to have one or two massage ladies rub him, which I believe they did not do, and he did not then force himself on them afterwards. so basically what I'd read was that he made flirtatious comment of a sexual nature but he did not rape someone or I didn't hear about actual adultery in terms of actual intercourse. Also I tend to think that God has used Ravi for God's glory and the sins Ravi had are Ravi's human nature. anyway I understand there's a difference between having raped someonebor having had several actual sexual partners versus having made a flirtatious comment and pass but that did not actually manifest into full-blown adultery. I'm just trying to say that I do believe that in some of what he produced God used him

  6. So True.
    I Cared About His Doctrine
    Every Time I Saw Someone Praising Him.
    Of Course I Was The Horrible Person In Their Eyes.
    Thank God Sexual Sin As All Sin Is Forgivable.
    But Did All The People Following Him Repent From His False Doctrines?
    I Haven't Heard So.

  7. I actually never heard of the guy. But ya the message is don’t be followers of men, but of Christ! A reborn Christian will seek the things above, and Gods Holy Spirit teaches them Gods truth. The error is, that people don’t want to seek wholeheartedly themselves! They want to follow men with fancy degrees on their walls, who is an entertainer, a comedian, and good talker. And they think because of the degree, and their ability to talk a good sounding sermon, that, that person knows Gods truth, and God has appointed that person to that position. So instead of seeking Gods truth, making his word their delight, they open their mouth to be spoon fed by the pastor! And they serve God with respect of persons, thinking that because of the schooling and ability to talk a good talk, that somehow qualifies them. Yet most, God has not anointed, or called them to be pastors. And so the error comes in, and like levin it increases, until we are where we are now in most churches! And the house of God is turned into country clubs, where instead of being convicted and discipled, they are entertained! And people instead of seeking out a church that is walking in Gods truth, they seek out the type that appeals to their desires, and tells them what their itching ears want to hear. Where I live the two main false doctrines being taught by 90% of the churches is, OSAS, and the pre-trib rapture. And of coarse your robbing God if you don’t give them the 10%. Keep on teaching the truth brother! Not many on YouTube are!

  8. We all know Joshua believes (so does Jacob Prasch) in the Pre-Wrath Post-Tribulation Rapture which says that Christians will go through the 7-year Tribulation Period and will be raptured before the Battle of Armageddon.

    The apathy and the lack of spiritual discernment when pertaining to false teachings and apostasy in the churches will get only worse until 3.5 years into the Tribulation Period when the False Prophet will demand the worship of the Antichrist (the pope of Rome). Receive the Mark of the Beast or beheaded! Millions of current professing Christians will receive the Mark as readily as they are accepting false teachers, prophets, etc.

  9. I am watching this months after I first did and was my heart STILL not stirred at the rebuke directed at the hypocritical "Christians" in the world today? Indeed, it is even now as I watch it again. May the good Lord bless you, Joshua

  10. You knew about this, Joshua but 'you said nothing' – really? So where were you when the gospel was being 'trampled" under foot – why did it take a 'sex scandal' for you to speak up, Joshua? Where have you been?


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