Ravi Zacharias Answer That Broke The Internet Best of Ravi Zacharias

Ravi Zacharias The Answer to a question That Broke The Internet Best of Ravi Zacharias.You can reflect on Ravi’s life as well by leaving your tributes at RZIM.org where you can also make a donation to advance their ongoing work.


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  1. This guy was a serial abuser who never believed in the crap he out out there – say what you want but action speaks louder than words

  2. So sad for his victims. 😢😢😢. I pray for their healing . I realize that we all sin and fall short. But I also understand that if you are willingly active in sin – you do not take a leadership position within Christianity.. I drink wine with dinner & because of that – I would not take a leadership position… it blows me away how many people who have taken leadership positions within the body of Christ- and yet they were/are participating in active sexual sin…the Bible is clear- if you are in a leadership position in Christianity – you are called to a higher standard…

  3. The question needs to be rephrased as why is there good in this world when we were born inherently evil. Why is we must tech our children to do what is right but not to do what is wrong?

  4. Matthew 23:3/paraphrase… Listen, follow and obey what the teachers/pastors/rabbis/priests say/tell you to do, but do not imitate or copy them for they do not practice what they preached… Amen.

  5. Ravi Zacharias died an unrepentant sexual predator who vastly harmed too many women for decades, all while making $million$ founding & leading RZIM, now Third Ladder and Lighten Group. Out of compassion for his many victims, please delete this video.

  6. I love how the same people want to disrespect God are the ones that expect God to do their bidding. God isn't Santa Claus. Why not ask the guy with the gun why did he shot/kill that man? Atheist always deflect their bad decisions to God. God gives us free will, to do good or evil.

  7. Ravi Zacharias is the type that Jesus said that He claim that He never knew this person even if the false disciple did miraculous things in His Name. (See Matthew 7:21-23).

    When you’re dead and your name is among the lips of the living, the Lord shows the living not about how bad the church is, but rather, those who born of the Devil have kept living in repetitive sins behind closed doors (see 1 John 3:8), without genuine repentance to change from the finished work of the Cross. They took in vain what Jesus did for them at Calvary. So, the Lord exposes them because those born of the Devil can hide in plain sight dressing as the Body of Christ.
    Not even fame and influence can be your curtain when you die. "God is light, and in Him, there is no darkness at all." (1 John 1:5)

  8. What a giant intellect. It is an enormous loss that now, everything he has ever done or said, will be seen through these despicable acts. Was he asking himself, "did I love any of those women for their own sakes?"

  9. Sam Harris would not have offered such an open goal. He wouldn’t have asked why man inflicts misery on man, he would have asked why God does. Earthquake, famine, tsunami, pestilence and disease…there’s no shortage of ways

  10. Atheists and agnostics want all the freedoms of "free will" without any consequences for the BAD decisions. They refuse to believe in God because they don't want to take responsibility for their own evil thoughts and actions, and they hate living by someone else's moral standards. They want the right to do what they want without punishment, while ignoring the Almighty God who gave them life and the free will of thought in the first place. And when they stand before the throne of judgement to determine their eternal destination, they'll demand an explanation for why they're being punished for their own decision to be selfish, disobedient, and evil.

  11. The only reason we ask such questions is because we're human what about the chickens we kill and eat everyday they love their lives too! Our consciousness should also bring us live according to the direction and discipline of God and not thinking that God is at our service ! You go and built a gun and blame God for allowing you to shoot it you better be joking

  12. i may never agree what he did, But i can't disagree with his arguments. The logic on the evidence of Gods Existence, Love and Free will still stands regardless of the double life. still worth learning from.

  13. The issue I would take here is that we don't really choose who we love, wether that's God or another human being. We experience love as a reaction to perceived virtue in others, it's involuntary and not something that we choose. People who love God or Jesus, do so because they perceive him to be virtuous and this induces the experience of love.


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