Ravi Zacharias and Hugh Ross – Radio Debate/Discussion with non-believers (Rare)

In 1994, Ravi Zacharias and Hugh Ross appeared as guests on Ohio State University’s radio program. Zacharias and Ross answered questions from various callers, many of whom were very antagonistic toward the Christian worldview.

This video is for educational purposes. Courtesy of OSU. I have also contacted Reasons to Believe who gave me permission via email to post this dialogue.


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  1. I find it funny that the woman is arguing about her case and didn't even know what where the inconsistencies in the gospels she was talking about. And then she mentioned crucifixion in the garden which I didn't find in my Bible.

  2. God Himself gave many the label of a stiff necked people, in the 32nd chapter of Exodus. The meaning since then has involved antagonism, stubbornness, argumentative, and going into minute detail in order to distinguish our point of view from others.

  3. Ravi is a Fraud…full of B/S… analysis of his statements shows his rhetoric to be narcissistic delusion. None of it makes any sense and defies basic logic. There is NO objective evidence for any of their claims. Endless repetitive claims quoting the Bible as evidence.

  4. The question of how Jesus could die on the cross in less than 3-5 days is a decent question. The answer is equally authentic: Rom. 3:23 states categorically that death is the consequence of sin. Romans 5 underscores the reality that death came into the world through Adam and death happens to everyone who sins. That is unwillingly on the part of the man or woman in all cases except Christ's. Since Jesus did not sin, He could not die unless He intentionally and willingly gave up His spirit. That is exactly what is recorded as happening in Luke 23. Hardened Roman soldiers knew something was different with this death than the numerous other deaths they witnessed and took part in constantly.

  5. The woman caller yells at Ravi for interrupting her, claiming she didnt interrupt him. Instead of exposing her lie, where she did in fact interrupt him, he apologizes to her instead.

  6. Those two ladies are an emotional ball of negative energy. The Gospels contradict? Huh? Then when Ravi invites her to get her Bible but she doesn't want to yet we (the Listeners) should just take her at her word.?
    Then the other one, "I'm just appalled, I'm just appalled." Then starts making gross assumptions about Christ based off of immature Cristians.
    Man fails, so she wants to look at the Christian but take her eyes off of The Christ. "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus look full in to His wonderful Face and the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace."

  7. That guy said "knowledge" and then defined everything else as "metaphysical crap." lol. Knowledge is metaphysical since it requires a metaphysical mind to consider it. Ravi messed up by responding to it literally as if it was an accurate statement when it reality it was a contradiction. You cannot claim knowledge and then go and then dismiss metaphysics.

  8. Lola is a nasty woman, she did interrupt him, then said in a nasty way "I didnt interrupt you dont interrupt me" . I would hate to be her husband (she would hate to be my wife moments after my foot went up he ass)

  9. I wish that Hugh wouldn't partner with Ravi. There are so many holes and fallacies in Ravi's arguments that they become just arguments. At least Hugh uses science and evidence to support his beliefs. Ravi always says that atheists' values are arbitrary when they are no more arbitrary than basing your values on Buddha, Yaweh, Christ, Mohammed, or Krishna.

  10. if I was satan and I wanted to deceive the largest number of people I could, I would create many different divisions in the Christian faith. do these people even know why there are so many divisions? The divisions come about by the selfishness of man who thinks that they have all the truth and reject any more new light that God is trying to bring them. At this point, God raises up a new group who believe what the old group believed and accept even more of what God wants them to believe. but when the leader of this new group dies the followers package everything up and say this is what we believe and do not allow anymore light to come in and so it continues with each and every successive group until God has a group that has all of the light He wants man to have but in the process all of the other groups still exist and satan takes advantage of them all by confusing people with the many choices. if a person were diligent, they would read what the Bible declares with much prayer and desires for the Holy Spirit to lead them and find the movement that has all the light and join that movement. unfortunately, people do not want to surrender very much and choose the movement that is the most convenient for them instead of the one that He has brought in to existence to bring them to salvation. I have a strong feeling that this is what happened and anyone with any desire to know the truth would agree. if you have a strong desire to argue or reject the truth then you probably will not agree with me.

  11. These two Evangelists, especially on the same platform, are a godsend to the postmodern secular West. Besides ranters such as Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris, so many atheists essentially worship gods like Dillahunty. Put these two Evangelicals on a stage with Dillahunty and another atheist god will lose his throne.

  12. People always mention what “ Christians “ did to the Africans through slavery, twice as many white peoples were enslaved than black; Irish were sold into slavery by us, Saharan slave traders emasculated young black boys, blacks sold blacks , no one is innocent, were all guilty.
    And we all need Gods forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

  13. God forgive these callers, and this radio host, for they know not what they do. I pray that since the airing of this radio show they will have come to known the Savior of the world.


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