Ravi Zacharias – A Closer Look

A lot has been covered on the Late Ravi Zacharias. This video will attempt to look at the facts and see what we as Christians can learn from this situation.

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  1. I have had struggles with lustful sin, God exposed it so that I might have the opportunity to repent, by His mercy & grace i was granted repentance and it broke me like never before but now God us healing me and my marriage and I know I am forgiven, we must repent and follow Jesus Christ, He is the only Saviour ❤ 🙏

  2. This is one of the videos on this topic that I can say it is worth watching. There is another brother in Christ from DLM Christian lifestyle that I also like. His opinion is just like mine. If we focus on God rather than man we will not be disappointed. God is the same forever and he love us so much that gave his only son so that we can be forgiven from sin. We all for short of the glory of God and that is the reason why it had to be this way. I am probably the worst of all sinners but by the grace of God I have another opportunity to change and die to self each day. I still have my struggles but I don’t walk alone…it is wonderful to know that no matter how bad the situation we can still have peace in Christ Jesus.

  3. This brings to mind the story of Lonnie Frisbee (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lonnie_Frisbee). Briefly, Lonnie was Pastor Chuck Smith's (yes, that Chuck Smith) right hand man during the movement of the Spirit in California known as the "Jesus Movement". Lonnie was very good (you could say "anointed") at presenting the gospel and converting souls. It was eventually discovered that Lonnie was a closet homosexual. It was said of Lonnie that "…he partied on Saturday and preached on Sunday". Similar to Ravi, only a few insiders were knowledgeable of Lonnie's secret life, which eventually became public and ruined him. Lonnie eventually died of AIDS, and Chuck Smith was torn over attending the funeral, which he eventually did.

    So this isn't the first time we've encountered these angels with tarnished halos and the questions that arise. Is their work tarnished because of their immoral, non-Christian lifestyles? No, many of Lonnie's converts stayed with the faith, and Ravi's teachings and apologetics have been vetted as scripturally sound by theologians. But the Bible also requires our leaders to be of good moral character themselves, so do we throw the baby out with the bathwater? Am I being insensitive to Ravi's victims if I buy and read one of his books, even if the book is full of solid, Bible-based teaching? My thought on all this is, "Take what you can use and leave the rest." You may think differently.

  4. Ravi knew all those things you have preached here. He advised others much better than you did on these subjects.

    Watch Charlie Chaplin's movies . It will definitely help you to become a better person.
    These leaders Gospel are rubbish.

  5. In this video you say people fall at times and we all have sins we struggle with. In the Torben video you said no Christian will ever sin again from the second they are born again. You make alot of contradictory statements. Can a Christian sin or not sin make your mind up.

  6. We are all sinners. We consume much more than our earth can provide. This creates war, starvation and many other bad things. We compete about everthing jobs, partners, housing. We stress the life out of eachother. We need to repent. We let our old instincts run our life

  7. Sean, you might want to be more careful with Joshua Chavez. I would avoid him at all costs. His own lifestyle is not Christian. Just because his video on Ravi might be factually correct, it doesn’t mean his others are. He has said some truly horrendous and untrue things about Justin Peters and others. Avoid Servus Christi!

  8. Mike Rutkowski, man was preaching that by faith and grace alone you can be forgiven and etc…I don’t care what else he peached about when people learned the the truth, gospel, reality and got saved !!!

  9. Please, take care how you use the immages of actors in your videos. l know many use them in their videos as to make them more interesting. But they take away from story's substance and cheapen their value.

  10. Only high school minds and amateurs who believe in the conviction by private investigators. convicted by a private investigators? really? is that your standard of getting justice there in the west now? is that the new "Supreme Court of Athiests" now these private investigators and the Media publicity trial? come on high schools just grow a little bit and be college minds. know the meticulous process of getting justice the so called "Due Process" and proper legal proceedings before you convict a person. The man is dead and cannot defend himself anymore. I am disappointed of these gullible western Christians who are so quick to condemn a person without Due Process. it's just so high schools and amateurs.

  11. Stepped down from ministry and forgive ? Being forgiven by accepting oneself mistakes or accepting Christ is one thing…but this doesn’t sound logical ! Not only that, I have watched videos of his and in this ministry many people have learned the truth/reality and accepted Christ…to Muslims, atheists etc…a person that knows the truth about justification won’t be able to do this kind of sin ! Not only that, these kind of things can be done to look like it’s true…I don’t say I want to believe he wasn’t like that I know he wasn’t !!! Trying to find something false is very easy as so many reasons can be brought from nowhere and try to make it ones mind radical so that it’s makes sense and can say, hey he is a false teacher…trying to find out the truth is difficult and the way to look to !

  12. I can understand why people make excuses for Ravi. Reality says that he lied about many things and used his position to procure women also he used religion to amass personal wealth. These things are in direct opposition to what we would like to think that Christianity stands for. Ravi acted like many other humans but Religion looks for ways to explain his vile behaviour. It must ask why God allows such people to lead their churches, it must ask why so many of the clergy take advantage and interfere with the young only for it to be covered up by the church itself. Not a pleasant subject but the church must face the question in a realistic way without resorting to convoluted excuses.

  13. His name is Ravee not Ravi— he's dead so why are you talking to him? Just so glad God isn't depending on the judgement of the 'church' to help him decide what to do about/with Ravi!

  14. Too bad that John McArthur points at others as not being a believer and John is not one. He does NOT believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He ignores the likes of me – having had a terminal brain tumor healed. Why? Why would these men ignore the Holy Spirit (as I noticed time and time again that Ravi did)? Because He is/was not in their lives.

  15. Ravi gave us clues to what he was was over comed by in his writings; He was over comed by Oscar Wilde's philosophy of life, hedonism, this clue comes from Ravi's book "Sense and Sensuality; Jesus Christ talks with Oscar Wilde on the Pursuit of Pleasure" really it was a confession of sort, but with no repentance. All you have to do is see Oscar Wilde movie made from his novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" – Dorian Gray is Ravi Zacharias, little by little as Dorian sins more grievously the portrait changes accordingly up until the end, the picture reveals his inner soul as a hideous, repulsive, monstrous, disfigured, grisly demon.


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