Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies- Dangerous Prayers Week 3 with Craig Groeschel

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  1. Thank you for this podcast, I needed to hear it, I'm here in the spirit with you of no children, in chose's of mine, they have been removed from my life, and now I see that they should not have been removed, and now praying to have them back, and also if they come back or, not, I just want the Lord to bring them to wholeness to him, I ask why all things happen or what to do and listening to this podcast I see how to pray to move forward.

  2. Kayley, after 13 years of a childless marriage, and living with empty arms for 13 painful years of Mothers Days, Baby dedications, etc., and with no plans to adopt, God miraculously brought 2 children to us through adoption.  While we aren’t Native American, our daughter is part Native, and God used her to lead us into our ministry to precious Natives in Canada for the last 27 years.  So He used our childlessness to bring Natives to Christ.  And now we give Him thanks for those long painful 13 years. I pray you (and feel sure) you won't have to wait 13 years. But that was God's perfect timing to make our ministry possible.

  3. Wow ! This moved my heart more than I thought it would! I needed to hear this and I relate at so many levels. Thank you to both of you! God breaks but God then makes, holds and comforts us. Amen!

  4. what a precious sight to witness. i love craig even more than i thought i could. lol. his words were so tender. kayley, you are a beautiful daughter of the King. i pray for a son or daughter for you to experience that same love. but. and even if, God will fight for you in the brokenness. allow His love to sustain you during this season. much love.

  5. We have to be willing to give our hopes and dreams to God and accept if they are not God’s will for us. I wanted kids so much when I was younger and cried many, many tears over never having kids. It wasn’t His plan for me. I finally accepted that it wasn’t to be and God comforts us. His will IS ALWAYS best, there IS purpose and we know God loves us deeply.

  6. Well, I know that the Lord is definitely breaking me right now! I am trying to move on after losing my husband, who was my first love and the father of my only child, unexpectedly on Christmas Day. I don't understand why He took my husband….especially on that day…..but I am struggling to trust Him with my whole heart. It's extremely difficult because I had envisioned growing old with my husband for decades to come! I was 18 when we married. My son is now 14 years old. I'm trying to believe that some good will come out of letting Him completely break me. Please pray for me! 😢💔

  7. Wow. I can tell you I have prayed search me for a long time and sometimes God speaks but much of the time there is silence. I have a broken marriage and a broken family. I have built a wall around my heart where my mother is concerned because I feel like she just really never defends me….the list goes on and on. I have prayed for God to change these situations. And all I can hear is that its all my fault and these are the consequences. I feel pretty defeated. I feel like all the foundational things around which I am to build my life are just concepts. I am reading and searching and seeking but I just feel like I can't take in what I need. I know what my identity in Christ is suppose to be. I speak of hope and faith….but to say my heart knows and it's who I am and how I live my life…no. I need for God to break in…to break through.


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