Protests build as Russia serve call up papers to Ukraine frontline

Military officials around Russia have begun serving call-up papers on men of fighting age, just hours after President Putin announced what he called a ‘partial mobilisation’ to bolster his forces in Ukraine.


The Kremlin denied reports that people were fleeing the country to avoid being sent to the frontlines – while activists say more than thirteen hundred people have been detained during protests against the draft.
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  1. These people with no training or no military background, FORCED to go to the frontline, are basically cannon fodder/meat shields and the people know it..
    No wonder they're fleeing in droves.

  2. this is totally wrong.cruel.why is this happening is beyond ones imagination.why are they forced to fight for their government when they dont want to.there is no freedom at all.

  3. Once you have a gun they might listen to you when you offer to use it on them. I don't see how you can make people fight who don't want to. So many different ways to rebel once you have a group armed and with nothing to lose.

  4. Russian police must stop, JUST STOP, you are human, are you not????
    Stop arresting good people for trying to save YOUR PEOPLE. They want to save your children, and your beating them for that.
    STOP 🛑

  5. Is there any russian citizen who brave enough to shoot the man in the head who give its people the worst nightmare and fear in their life? God have mercy on this russian innocent citizen who wants by their leader to join in their senceless war.

  6. From what I'm seeing on media ,is a profile of political privilege,,and a lack of honour ….they seem to be proud that their drunken abuse travels the world ….they flee Russia so they don't have to face up to unpleasantness ,thinking they are clever …the do not consider others that are stupid enough to get drafted in their place .. given that ,there are those that do have a conscience and do what they can to protest the war ..old and new .. .may the fresh new rise up

  7. since Russia have biggest corruption in country i have no doubt that they don’t even have nuclear weapons since all money that was given for army are long gone in pockets for oligarchs

  8. The great boxer Muhammad Ali refused Army induction and was sentenced to five years in prison, fined $10,000, and banned from boxing for three years.

    Good news is Russians are not either fined or jailed.

  9. Don't let Putin kill more Russian citizens for his insane dream of a new Soviet Empire.

    Drafting protesters of the war is as insane as using and training Chechens to stay behind Russian soldiers and threatening to shoot them from behind to encourage them to fight Ukrainians!

    Or a Russian decision to use nuclear weapons which would wipe Russia off the face of the earth and end Russia in any history books.

    More likely an attempt to go nuclear would speed up the Russian government to change leadership.

  10. Cynical and misanthropic as despotic communism always is. First a country in the ground with rockets, tanks and grenades, slaughtering children, abducting people and then a referendum nomination whether one would like to stay with the murderer, robber, looter or rather stay with the pistol in the back. This is the beast from the Kremlin and its executioners. It is no longer possible to degenerate humanly. Answer this beast with the glorious mercenaries of Ukraine.

  11. Maybe all these conscripts will be sent to a training camp that will have a false flag nuclear incident that Putin will blame Nato for? Thats why minimal material is going with them.

  12. So Ukraine is holding the old government in prison without charge are they really any different than the Russians I don't think they are at all Eastern Europe has no place in the European Union scavengers and beggers.

  13. How to defense Ukraine against Nuclear thread ? US, please announce, that you will supply nuclear tactical weapons to Ukraine …. in case that Russia uses nuclear bombs.

  14. Most are clueless about this
    Most Russians want this
    Most russians wants stalin back
    Putin said if we don't become moral he will purposely cause chaos so we have a new beginning a better life.
    F you all 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡


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