Prophetic Prayers Against The Strange Woman (Prophetic Word)

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Prophetic Prayers Against The Strange Woman (Prophetic Word).Prayers Against The Strange Woman are effective. Prophetic prayers to drive away and uproot the strange woman from your marriage and prophetic prayers to destroy evil altars of adultery in your marriage are powerful. Pray against strange woman in my husband life with faith in your heart. Pray these prophetic prayers with boldness and faith for a complete turnaround.Prophetic prayers to rout out the strange woman are fire prayers based on the word of God. Prayer against strange woman are effective based on God’s word.
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Prayer For Salvation:
Dear Lord, I come to you today with all of my heart, forgive me of my sins, wash me clean from my iniquities and purify my heart. I acknowledge that you are Lord and have died for my sins & I accept you as my Lord & Savior. I surrender my life totally to you today.
Today I’ve become a born again. Thank you Lord.

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