Prophet TB Joshua Receives An Award In Wiseman Daniel's Church

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  1. O, Lord give wisdom, knowledge and strength to mama Evelyn and all the wisemen, Apostles and prophets/Prophetess that have been mentored by Prophet TB Joshua. May his legacy remains in all the corners of this world in Jesus Mighty name.

  2. Like father like son…today 28th of March 2022 is excertly one year our daddy laid hands on me with a warn welcome at the scoan prayer mountain….little did i know that would be my last physical contact with him..But he lives on in our hearts…i am happy for you be consold my dear Wiseman Daniel…be consold i remain yours in faith
    Felix Yabrifa.

  3. Let no one cry I love crying but I am not because it is God himself took prophet TB Joshua away for the whole world to know that this prophet was a God sent prophet, see those prophet TB Joshua mentor wise man Daniel, John chi, chirs, Recine and the other man, with the two prophetess.let those who said all kinds of things about our prophet see those our prophet TB Joshua mentor God is using them almighty what will you people say about Wiseman's Daniel, John Chi, Recine, Chirs and the other man with the two prophetess Daddy God thank you for our senior prophet TB Joshua the five Wise men's and the two prophetess I am so happy for how things are going on with these prophetess and the wise men's I'm always checking on you all I an in Liberia but I thank God for the Nigerians and west African and the entire world for our daddy in the Lord prophet TB Joshua prayer for the viewers all over the world I'm blessed


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