prophet tb joshua prophecy for 2023 ELECTION For Nigeria

GOOD MORNING AND WIN TODAY!WIN TOMORROW!!AND WIN FOREVER!!! When God speaks, the wise listen. Arguably, the …


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  1. Now i am looking at this prophecy in retrospect. interesting! the PDP is trying to unite now. and we see APC in problem already. we see one man pledging to drain corruption: Peter Obi. he has given a call to recover the nation. interesting play

  2. A great oracle of the Almighty God. I love and adore you so much my great prophet. We believe and we are holding on to this great prophesy. Thank you God for the great plan you have for Nigeria through your choosen vessel PETER OBI

  3. TB Joshua was meticulous preacher and raw but some so called controversies are like demeaning and with these prophesy coming to pass will add to his principled christianity.May his rest in perfect peace.

  4. We don't want the two parties. Peter Obi is who should lead Nigeria from this quagmire.

    What will bring the big politicians down and correction of the norm if not all refreshing alternative. Peter Obi go!

  5. I dont see any prophetic words in this, this is normal thinking for the wise ones, there are always betrayal in any organisation not in political party alone, it is just a common sense that nigeria will be better when some leaders are down.

  6. Haleluya! Indeed God is among us. He needs my heart, your heart, our hearts to use us. I have no dout, Prophet TBJoshua gave his heart to God for us to see how faithful is God on with his promises upon us. God said those who believe will do as he did and even do great things. Oh God help me I am willing but my flesh is tracking me. Oh God I believe, help my unbelieve. People of Good Jesus is coming soon. In Jesus name, amen,amen and amen.

  7. Please wake up my country people in Nigeria because our beloved father has spoken and we all believe he's words of prophesies because the fact that he's has never say a word without coming to passed . Nigeria bad leader's must go down because of the innocent children and blood and soul they've been killing and cheating and all ect🙏🙏🙏✌️🥇😭🙏✌️


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