Prophet Tb joshua Death Prophecy Fulfilled #Shorts

Prophet Tb joshua Death Prophecy Fulfilled


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  1. Are those not the "jesus sandals" used by women?
    He saw the end… And that is supposed to be a prophecy? The nonsense these people spew is sickening! Vagueness is their sub speciality after lies

  2. Please don't advertise this guy. In one of his orginal vids he claimed that he was Jesus and was asking for 5 Mil subs.

    Why is it that in bible times prophecy was very clear but in our times, the times of grace, prophecy is very vague.

  3. We will all know the truth about the death of these prophets and leaders one day soon. When we meet at the gate, we will see who enters the Kingdom of God. But in the time being, let us all who says Jesus is our Lord, let us LIVE a life pleasing unto Him so that We ourselves may enter into the Kingdom of God for eternity.

  4. He is pulling the young ones down he didn't want them to come up 😭😭😭he didn't want them to be free, to be used by God mightily 😭😭now God 🙇‍♀️the prophesy no one can stand against the will of God

  5. Back on the death of prophet Tb Joshua, its very sad that he died. Very. But I see two types of hypocrites here.
    1. First its Solomon camp. He says Tb Joshua is going to hell. How does he know???? He seems to have the book of life or what???
    2. Then there are those who are critisising Solomon. They say it very well when they say solomon is NO JUDGE. But they themselves start judging by saying Tb Joshua is going to heaven. By saying that they too are judging. Thats what Hypocrisy does. It makes you a FLIP FLOP like Ricky who some months ago wanted prophets to be explicit in their prophecies but now he seems to understand such a riddle. HYPOCRISY rules these shores.
    May the good LORD comfort those affected during this hour.

  6. Now sir you understand riddles.. back some time ago you critised riddles and said prophets should be straight to the point and say it explicitly. THATS A FLIP FLOP. Or you had to realise you were missing it then.


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