Prophet T.B Joshua in Singapore


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  1. Beloved, I don't know you in person but God knows you. God ministered to me in a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you, I saw blessings but spiritual attacks holding onto them, in prayers, i saw a woman in the realm of the spirit monitoring and plotting delay in your life, with an evil mirror, and with a motive to destroy. But as I speak to you now her time is up, Render hand of favor with Anything you can afford or give to these motherless foundation (Godstime MOTHERLESS FOUNDATION) in kebbi state nigeria before 2DAYS with faith, as I Rise my hands towards heaven and pray for you they shall serve as point of contact wherever you are, you will receive double portion of grace to excel and total restoration of breakthrough in your life and in the life of your family. Ask for their account details and help them call the MD in charge of the orphanage to get their details on (WhatsApp or call them now on tell him I sent it +2348166495905 you. For it is not by might not by in power but of the spirit saith the lord (zechariah 4: 6). You shall testify to the Glory of God in your life. God bless you …………

  2. Salom to everyone 👋🏻 I’m from Tajikistan i was muslim now i believe in Jesus Christ He changed my life my mind i except as my Savior. I’m disabled now😢 i need help subscribe to my channel i’m singer i sing persian and Tajik and english also Russian songs by this way i can find money thanx my brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ🙏 also pray for Tajikistan

  3. What types of ministry is this? People or prophet or pastor think of themselves that they are the healer. They always says "I will pray, and you will heal". Who are you? Only the great Lord can heal. But here people doing things for their own glory. Day by day people and pastor get suffer from psychological disorder. This is not the ministry that was said by Jesus. Please please please. Do not read the Bible, Study the Bible. Be scholar to understand the Bible's word. Otherwise everyone make themselves according to his own mind, not according to scripture. Please please study the Bible. Go to Bible class so that you can understand the true biblical education and not be offended. God bless everyone.

  4. T.B Joshua I ask that u heal me and please give me the strength to carry life and that the baby be healthy and that I be strong please bless me with the miracle to carry life by Vanessa


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