Priscilla Shirer: You Get the Holy Spirit Hookup | TBN Shorts

Priscilla Shirer sits down with Matt and Laurie Crouch to share the power of hearing God’s voice through the Holy Spirit when you give your life to Jesus!

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  1. I grew up hearing that only Evangelist, Pastors, men in Church Leadership.. Could only hear from God. If these people could see what the Holy Spirit is doing through this one… They would be so shocked. I Love this post… Thank you Priscilla, for speaking this Word. 💞🤗😭😂

  2. ALWAYS Believe The "IT" BIRTHED Within The Soul's Of Wo-Man EquallyYoked Human Beings. Spiritual Support Right Ways Living. GRACE'S Merciful Blessings For Humane Treatments For BETTER.🙏🏻📖✨


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