Priscilla Shirer: What We Can Do in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic | Better Together TV

How do we stay committed to the purposes of God in the midst of this crisis? Priscilla Shirer shares where we begin.

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  1. Could you guys pray for me , I was in a prayer group similar to yours and some untrue rumors were spread by someone who likes to create the vision and was not part of our group I'd like those who are relationships restored and back to the aprea group

  2. If anyone of you having Priscilla sis email please can you anyone help me to get her personal I'd email I want coz I want to share my personal prayer concerns

  3. When one is choosen, one reach all nation. Your teaching always have a story which leads to pure understanding of the message conveyd. I cannot thank God enough for allowing me to hear you teach. You are such a blessing and strenghtening the faith on many everyday, Salute. #Priscillarshirer馃挍

  4. I was a Hindus for 35 years and two years ago I saw Jesus Christ, I was standing in his presence of love and all my sins was forgiven, I also had many other dreams follow, Jesus show me New Jerusalem, a knee length flood will happen when the rapture happen it will be a lighten, massive earthquake and then the earth 馃實 will cover with darkness, a severed storm will pass through, also Jesus show me a moon/ planet or something to that effect he said when you this this moon/planet know ur redemption drawn near , I saw the pope with a Bible 666 and I know he is not real my personal opinion, Last month i has a dream seeing angels covering the earth, I saw seven angle with long trumpet, I saw a army in green and black uniforms have two missile one long range and one short range on a struck with some machine moving it to a secret place … I saw so many things in my dreams and I just want to share too.. I saw the rapture happing. And Jesus said he is coming back 3x to me .. I trust and believe with all my heart 鉂わ笍 and I鈥檓 a follower of Jesus Christ. I love u lord …

  5. Hi Precilla, I'm always watching your sermon in yutube, i've already heard almost all your sermons actually. But im just wondering why you dont have any new sermon. Havent hear you preaching.
    From: Your fan in the Philippines, God bless

  6. Such a timely word! I was recently thinking about what it means to rest in God when it comes to labor and it really just comes down to seeking God for instruction and understanding that we truly do manifest His life to those around us. Thanks for sharing!


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